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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Communication Pays!!

Remember my previous post ... wherein I said
I had to get a t-shirt quilt done by Wednesday this week?

Well ... here's my progress:
Not too bad, even if I do say so myself ...
{{big cheesy grin!!}}

Well, even though I could have called it done here, me being me, I just wasn't satisfied and wanted to add a border.  The client wanted at least a twin size quilt (approx. 63x87) and this was measuring smaller than that (approx. 60x80).  There was not enough material provided to add a border. So ...

I pulled out my communication skills!  I called the client ...
aren't you finding these days this is becoming a rusty skill to some???

Well!  Score for me ... though I'm sorry for the family of the recipient, but a family situation has come up wherein they will not be in town until next week ... therefore they don't need the quilt finished by tomorrow ... can I here a WooHoo!!! {{I'm the (wo)man, I'm the (wo)man!!}}

In discussing my belief of the need for a border, without costing Grandmother more of the proverbial "green"  I suggested this: 
I'm going to add a one inch "stop" border and then use some of the backing material for a five inch border. ... (Yes, Grandmother and LQS selected all materials ... I did not ... the recipient, an 18 yr old high school graduate, is going to become a music education major at Oregon University in the fall ... thus, the music themed material)  Thus, we enlarge the quilt to desired size by adding 12" on both sides and ends and if I now fall short of backing material, I will substitute left over block sashing fabrics to complete the back.  Still with me??

Well communication worked this time ... Yay!!

So, I'm taking a break and going to enjoy a bit of the sunshine with these two munchkins:
Before the sun quits shining again!

Happy Hugs and Warm Hearted Wishes!!


  1. Great quilt - wow - you are fast, but nice to have a little breathing room. Enjoy munchkins.

  2. I can't stress enough how nicely I think you have accomplished this project! I can not help but believe that this young man will treasure this quilt and the memories it will bring him as he looks at it for many, many years to come!
    Great job!

  3. Nice job Wendy. I have made several of these t-shirt quilts, and they can be very difficult to design!

  4. Awesome! You did a great job, and the borders you have described will set it off (and adjust the size) perfectly! Yep, you are "the woman"!! Whoo hoo! (And, yes, direct communication is becoming a lost art, I think!) Happy playing with your munchkins! Make lots of smiles and good memories.
    Jacque in SC

  5. Really good job - telephones do still work - who knew. I know this young man will love it. Judy C

  6. Great job! I'm very impressed with everything you accomplished in such a short amount of time! The quilt looks great and everybody will love it!

  7. You are most industrious girlie! I am impressed!