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Saturday, June 18, 2011

And ... the Winner is ...



lol lol lol

No, seriously, everyone was so very nice in their comments and left such good information for me to look at.  You see, my very aged Bernina is showing signs of wanting to stitch it's last stitch so I'm trying to determine if I stick with Bernina or venture out to a different brand ... Janome and Pfaff seem to be among the top favorites, so I might have to go "test" sewing as one of you commented.  Good idea :)

I know, I know, you don't care about my ramblings ... who won right????


Well, Mr. Random.org bright and early this morning, chose from 1-74 ....


And as my determining eye detects, that would be:  
54 Snoodles ... Jacque in SC
Congratulations Miss Jacque!!!

I wish I had a prize for each of you ... really and sincerely ... you all are so supportive and nice, I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart!

I wanted to share that I finished the t-shirt quilt:

As for my day, well, I'm off to work in the yard and get these planted:

How about you? Want to join me?  Wish you could!!

Until later,
Happy Hugs and Warm Hearted Wishes ~~


  1. The quilt is quite wonderful and I just know that young man will love it. My camera is here and I have given it a few little tests - still trying to figure out how to delete the pictures I do not like. Maybe I will read the instructions tonight. Novel idea. Gotta get busy and you need to plant. Judy C sends her best. www.shadetreequilting.com

  2. Congratulations to your winner and have fun planting! I've always wanted to make a t-shirt quilt out of the many concert Ts that I collect in my teenage years. One of these days I will actually do it.

  3. I LOVE your t shirt quilt! It's just gorgeous! Great job :)

  4. Huzza!! What a happy Saturday! Can't believe that Mr. Random picked me! LOL
    Thanks, Wendy, for an awesome giveaway! Sure wish I could come and play with the planting with you - that is a fav activity of mine! Have an awesome weekend,
    Jacque in SC

  5. Congratulations to Jacque! THank you for hosting the give away - and keep us informed on your machine purchase.

  6. Congratulations Jacque and Thanks so much for the chance.

  7. Congrats. to Jacque !!
    Wendy you did it!! I love the T-Shirt Quilt!!!

  8. The T-shirt quilt came out great! And I can't think of a nicer person to win than Jacque!

  9. WEll that lucky Jacque...and your t shirt quilt is very cool..that is what a teenager would say, wouldn't he? You did a very good job of this...ok, I don't think my t-shirt quilt would be very exciting if I ever decided to make one..mine are all black. plain lol

  10. Oh Bernina, Bernina, Bernina girl!! No question in my book.

    The 'rest' of your package went out in today's mail. Can't fire the 'hubby' ya know!!

  11. Your T-shirt quilt turned out wonderful! Looks like some heavenly time to be spent in the yard turning it into a 'flowery-heaven'! God must have gifted you with a green thumb as well as all of that sewing talent! Summer is finally here ! Enjoy...can hardly wait to see what you choose in a new sewing machine! I am getting closer to getting one for myself as well!

  12. I don't know about cleaning up the yard...but I'd definitely sit with you on the deck for a glass of iced tea!

  13. CUTE t-shirt quilt! I have a stack of my sons but can't decide if he is grown enough, haha! thanks for stopping by my blog!