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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shamefully Pathetic Request for Votes

Yes, I'm Trying to WIN A MAKEOVER on Facebook
Okay .... I'm using my blogger platform for personal gain ... if this offends, please forgive me, however ... this contest is worth it to me to beg and plead votes by even embarrassing myself to this level.

This post is only for those of you friends and followers that use Facebook. I keep in touch with my family, quilting buddies and a few others via Facebook and occassionally .... every now and then .... my Facebook account comes in handy. Case in point, this contest.

Bernina and Home Depot are hosting this contest to award a sewing room makeover. My twelve-year old Bernina, which I purchased used on ebay, is showing signs of dying .... Bernina alone is offering $2500.00 and this would so help me replace my machine which helps me earn spending money for my girls and I, along with making dresses and gifts for my family and friends.  My sewing room is approximately 9 x 10 ft for which I am truly grateful to have, really, but the three pieces of sewing furniture I have (which I purchased used from Craigslist) cannot be fully put to good use as I share this space as my "office" also ... you can probably see the filing cabinet and desk  and bookcase in same room.  The Home Depot portion of the win would be wonderful for shelving units for the walls and cupboards to remove the stacks and stacks I have under and over every crevice. And I would really love to have a real sewing chair rather than a folding chair!

Am I pitifully whining enough yet? :) :)
Yes, I am asking and soliciting for votes on this contest. Only the top ten vote getters will be entered into the final draw and yes, there are 800 +/- entrants.

Thank you every so much for your consideration and please forgive my lapse into selfishness here. I promise to be back soon with quilting matters .... and my anniversary giveaway!!

Blessings and Hugs to you!


  1. You asked for it...I just voted for you ! Good luck :)

  2. I said to myself "Why Knot" so I went and voted for you!! Good luck!

  3. Wendy, I'm a follower but not usually a commenter. I just read your post, but over on Stash Manicure there is almost exactly the same info in a paragraph that blog just posted (they said it was spam on their facebook account). I just left a comment over there too.
    Here's that link: http://stashmanicure.blogspot.com/2011/05/to-those-who-are-subscriber-of-sew-we.html

  4. Hi Wendy..the strangest thing happened this morning..your post went out to thousands of my subscribers in Rebecca's post....this is sew darn weird....I had no idea it was you, until Deb sent me your link....When I went to the link in my address, it went to my facebook...we will talk later lol

  5. Wendy...I am VER-VERY happy to vote for you! I will be crossing my fingers (and everything else) in hopes that you would win!!


  6. Wendy I'm not on Facebook but if I were I'd vote twice. :) blessings, marlene