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Monday, May 9, 2011

Note to Self ....

Hello one and all!

Did you ever wonder how wonderful instinctive reactions can be?

You know .... catch a glass from falling out of the cupboard before it breaks,
um ... catching your step before squishing something really icky with bare feet, or
neatly deflecting a rubber ball (or other flying objects) from hitting you in the face
 ... you get the picture, right?  Instinctive reactions can keep you sane and healthy ...

When brand new, sharp, rotary blade drops from package as
 it is being removed to replace old, dull, nicked one. ....


Do not, I repeat .... DO NOT ....
instinctively reach down to grab said blade as it rolls,
 or even stop it with the back of your hand,
thereby slicing through back of middle finger tissue
 (I swear to the bone ... but not).

No pictures are necessary to mentally picture resulting wound.
Yes, a human was injured in the making of this public warning.
(As an aside ... I really think some bandage company should
design some Quilt Block decorated bandaids ...)
Just sayin.

On to other matters, I do have one tiny share for you that have read my post this far.  I did say to you in my previous post I'd have something quilty.

Well ... maybe you won't consider this quilty, but
It is a Sweetwater Label Crew pattern, and
It is made with Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree QUILTS fabric

This is a gift, in the mail on it's way today ... probably arrive late,
but the sentiment is as real as the love stitched into it.

Finally, I did get another quilt quilted on the Gammie this weekend.  I hope to bind it this week in time to post it for Amy's Creative Side's Bloggers' Quilt Festival starting on Friday.  For more information click on the button in my side bar to the right or the link above.

Be kind to yourself ...
and remember, please compliment your friends and be kind to strangers ...
for their shoes may be walking a very pebbled path and
you could make all the difference in the world with your kind word or smile.

I appreciate each and everyone of you ... 


  1. I don't move fast enough for the other instincts - which would do me harm.... so I would never react fast enough to catch a blade . Ouch - hope not too severe.

    Now Why don't you consider that little bag 'quilty' - I think it is just the sweetest. Love the Strawberry Fields.

  2. dear me! I hope it is not too severe. instinctively tell yourself next time - look first - react seconds later!
    Keep well

  3. I got shivers down my back just reading about your little mishap. Hope you heal up soon!

  4. Owie! Hope you heal up quickly. I have heard so many rotary cutter horror stories recently!

  5. That's way cute, and a very thoughtful giftie. Hope your booboo is all better quickly.

  6. Oh - I'm cringing...this is way too early in the morning for cringing!!! OUCHIEEEEE!!!!! I hope to never, ever, instinctively do something like that. I've had my run in with scissors as a 10 year old and I still suffer the effects of those 8 stitches in my fingers...because of nerve damage...so I don't feel like finding out 'just' how sharp a rotary blade really is! =( I hope you heal up quickly without any infections!

    That little pouch is beautiful...the fabric is amazing too. I think sometimes we need a special something. =)

    Have a great day! =)

  7. Ouch, I will keep your warning/advice close by. I just hope I am smart enough to use it! Your sewing bag is GREAT!! I am going to have to get some Strawberry Fields...yum

  8. Oh, Wendy! Ouch is right and the memories are still very fresh of my run in the rotary cutter.

    Your idea of a band -aide made with quilt designs is a great idea!

  9. Ouch! Thanks for the good advice and maybe it is a good idea to always wear shoes and long pants when cutting in case it rolls off and heads for the floor! Protective clothing is a must! ! ! I have heard some pretty nasty stories about rotary cutter injuries. A reminder to be careful is always a good thing. Hope your cuts heal quickly.

    I love your sewing bag, it is beautiful in those fabrics! You did a wonderful job!

  10. Hope your finger is doing okay and that it doesn't keep you from sewing. Your little bag is wonderful with all of its labels :)

  11. Oh Man!! I am sorry that you cut yourself. I agree quilty bandaids would be great.

  12. Ok, first OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH love the bandaids..did that help lol.. Goodness me, I am sitting here wincing with you...bigger than a paper cut I bet lol...Seriously...love your wee gift and strawberry fields..well you know how I feel about that...lucky lucky person..I got get me on your good side wink..xx

  13. ohhhh noooo not one of those moments. I hope you heal up quickly...or milk it for all it is worth!!

  14. I love the gift you have made, is it a pattern or did you make it up yourself.Great idea, wouldn't mind having a go at it myself.