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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kindergarten Frogs

So ... did you know frogs are now going to Kindergarten ? ....

LOL ... Nah, not real ones, I hope, but just the ones I added to this little quilt I made for Em's Kindergarten Teacher's door.  This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and volunteers were asked to decorate teachers' doors to show their appreciation.  Em's teacher happens to really like frogs. 

Not knowing what I was going to do, I had in mind a 'bunting' or little flag idea for each child in the class to sign with their name.  When I came home and searched through my stash, I found I had charm packs of Sandy Gervais' Celebrate Spring! fabric.  I really liked a quilt that Sweetwater has a pattern for, but had the frog applique design from one of Me & My Sister Designs' patterns.  Soooo....  I came up with this. 

I searched the internet for fonts to print off on printable fabric and lo' and behold, but what do I find? Frogs holding alphabet baloons.  Meant to be :)

Here's a close-up picture before quilting.  Kinda cute, even if I do say so myself.  I started this project on Friday night. After T-Ball practice Saturday morning, I quilted it and did the binding then ran it to the school to decorate the door.  Hope she likes it.  Funny how when you see doors decorated by other volunteers, using pictures from magazines, and postcards, and cut-out letters, a person thinks to herself ... I can't I do something that cool??  My husband thinks I should do normal things and not "quilty/sew-y" stuff.  What say you?  My daughter loved it by the way.

No matter what, I appreciate Teachers to the 'nth degree and then back again. God Bless every lovin' soul that takes on a child's (no matter the age!) education!

By the way ... while my soap box is not so tall, nor so expansive, I did find this post this weekend by a lady whose blog I really enjoy ... It's entitled "Can’t we all just quilt-a-long?" I think Ms. Monica of Happy Zombie really states very well what many feel and cannot express.  Maybe it's worth your time to read, if not ... that's cool too!

Thank you ever so much for stopping by! Hugs to you and quiltastic day to ya!!


  1. I LUV frogs!! This quilt is WAY cute! Thank you for the connecting link to Happy Zombie. I very much appreciated her blog post...


  2. Wendy if I were still a teacher I would be beyond thrilled with this little quilt for my door! I've quilted several things for my daughter to hang in the high school library and she loves them. Have a great week! blessings, marlene

  3. Wendy, your door banner is beyond adorable! I'll bet your daughter is proud enough of her Mom to bust her buttons!

  4. Omigosh!!!! So stinkin' CUTE!! She'll love it, and your daughter will be the proudest girl in school. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!
    Love that Happy Zombie too! I'm so over this whole debate/argument, aren't you?

  5. This is a happy quilt I am all about happy now...hopping along only to happy blogs lol...
    of course yours being one...this quilt is amazing..great vision

  6. That is too cute!! And I guarantee the other volunteers were thinking the exact same thing about your door decoration!! :) It is truly lovely.