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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Did You Know this?

Did you know that Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 3 Blog Tour is happening right now? 

Just click the link green circle above to join the tour and your chance to visit the 100 Block designers, see some wonderful designs, and possibly win prizes! 

Heck ... Why Knot ... join in the fun???

As if you need any more incentive, here are a few of my absolute favorite's I've seen in just the past two days Karrie Winters,Vickie Eapen, Lynette Anderson; Pam Vieira-McGinnisMary Jacobson/Barbara Groves; and I've met so many "new" favorites too ... oh well, you'll just have to hope on over to Quiltmaker to check out this awesome tour ... there are so many more favorites to come that I'd be wasting space to repeat what they've already put together ... besides, you all know the chance at a prize never hurts either ;) but then ... if you don't enter, that leaves more chances for me!!!

Enjoy and I wish you all the success!! Seriously, it looks as if there's plenty of prizes to share ... all I want is one copy of the magazine so I'll be bountiful today and pass along the good news of this giveaway tour :) LOL LOL

Luv and hugs and warm hearted smiles!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Wendy! I hope you WIN!!!

  2. Hi WEndy, I wanted to thank you for your kind comment on my post at Sew We Quilt - I read you regularly (but often quietly!! - probably because my mouth is full!!) I love your posts and your blog... always lots of fun to catch up on....

  3. Same with me, Wendy - surely out of all these blog posts, we could each win one copy of this magazine/book. Bonnie Hunter was featured today and when I saw her block, I also visualized the stash melting away. LoL. Judy C

  4. now I did not know this..but I am full up to my ears in blog designs...egads..now I am too tired...give me a synopsis each day will you lol

  5. You are a real treat to the senses...spell that right? Hummmm? I enjoy what you are doing and the way you share your time, talent, family and friends! Keep it up we love it! Follow, follow, follow!