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Monday, May 2, 2011

Ain't She Beautiful?!?!

Isn't this bundle one of the most gorgeous things you've seen in a long time????  I won it from Kelly, over at Charming Chatter ... How cool is that?!?!  This sweetie is a fat eighth bundle of Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree & Co. for Moda.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kelly! The tip top and everything in between too! :)

WHAT?!!?!!!  You really thought I was talking about my kids????  Seriously????

Okay ... just to show that I do possess some sort of Motherly Love in this beleaguered heart of mine:

Abbie and Belle today before the work in the garden started .... rain clouds come again tomorrow so we were pulling weeds while the sun was shining.  Okay, so she's 'kinda' cute with all that brown hair
 ... oh, and Abbie too. :) :)

This little darling thinks she's adorable as she is proudly showing off that she just lost her second tooth!

Okay, well, we have our first T-Ball game tonight, and I'm supposed to make scones for a "tea" at the school tomorrow and feed the kids before the game. Never made scones before and haven't a clue what my dear darlings are going to eat ... so, I guess I best be going as I have to pick up the little toothless one from school and then come back home and make it look like I've been doing something around here all day ... ummm laundry's going, does that count?  Guess not as work shirts don't iron themselves

Well dang!


Love and hugs to each of you and Quiltastic Day to you!


Brita said...

What a great giveaway, congrats! I've been wanting some Strawberry Fields myself, drool! And yes, she's cute, very cute. Who could resist such a grin!!

Madame Samm said...

love it..you have got to be kidding lol...love it ..but love the smiles of your buglet more lol

Kwilt Noob said...

Congratulations! I just love that fabric! Can't see the pretties you make from it! Couldn't have happened to a nicer gal! :)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Yes, congratulations Charming Girl. Sweet fabrics to make pretty things. The girls are growing! I have never made scones either, so no help from here. Luck with that.

JCnNC said...

Wonderful surprise and happiness in your win. Judy C

Snoodles said...

Ummmm, I never yet have been able to convince the shirts to stay wrinkle free while waiting for me to liberate them from the dryer, much less iron themselves! LOL
Love your fabric win!
Jacque in SC

Dandelion Quilts said...

What a pretty bundle of fabric!! Very pretty.

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