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Thursday, April 21, 2011

WAIT .... It's Kelly's Fault!!!

{{insert evil grin}}

Okay, blame it on the 15% coupon ... blame it on the trip I had to make on behalf of a client ... blame it on a handy credit card ... blame it on anything but a weak will power ....  WAIT!


It's Kelly's Fault!   hahahahaha

Kelly of Charming Chatter, just this morning asked us to make a comment on something nice we would do for ourselves ... oh, and just so you know, the comment request is attached to a giveaway (maybe you could tell her I sent you over if you haven't made it there yourself already ;) .... Thanks Kelly!!).  Okay, so I said I'd buy myself some flowers ... soooooo.... I bought flowers of a different sort :) :) :)

So ... since it's release, I've been coveting really desiring this book:

 I wanted to make a really bright and cheery table runner for a very grey and icky spring .... so:
1 Yard Fresh Flowers to go with Fresh Flowers charm pack by Deb Strain
 And of course .... since I'm an 11th hour seamstress, a yard each for Easter dresses for my darling daughters:

I'm sure you know from previous posts who will be getting the purple dress :) ... and the green .... doesn't that just scream "Spring" and perfect for Easter???? ... Well, these days, Emily's favorite colors are green and yellow.  Shall we take bets to see if I actually have two Easter dresses done in time for Easter day? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA .....

Can you tell I had a fully loaded Mountain Dew today ... and it WASN'T diet????? ... meer slip of the hand in the fridge section at the store, and of course, just as I was cracking it open I was telling my mother to be sure to look for the Diet flavor and don't grab the sugared stuff ... :( ....

Ladies and Gents (if there are any gents reading this -- thanks!) I best be letting you go so I can win the bet with myself to see if I can make two dresses by Sunday.  Should I make a side bet with myself to include a beautiful table runner? 


I need some chocolate!  Oh Wait!!!!  I received some in the mail today .... from a far away land for a special occasion and I dearly thank said package sender from the bottom of my heart to the tippy-top for the chocolate and the other goodies ... You know who you are!!!  Hugs and Kisses to you! 
Thank you.

Whew.  Sugar low ... going in hunt of chocolate.

Hugs to you and Happy Easter to each and every one of you!

God Bless~

P.S.  Kelly in no way is responsible for the actions of this lunatic!
Love ya Kelly!!


  1. WOW! Mountain Dew and chocolate all in one day? I wish you a good night's sleep, but I won't bet on it! LOVE your fabric choices, by the way!

  2. Of course you will finish the dresses, you will be awake for hours!! I also love that you bought yourself some flowers!! Too cute! and I would love that book too! Have a blessed Easter.

  3. Very pretty fabrics - oh, I want that book too! Good for you in gifting yourself. And, yes - blame it on Kelly.

  4. Yes....the Scrap Basket Sensation book is on my gotta have list too...Have a wonderful Easter... Are the dresses done yet??

  5. I ahve to agree...the Scrap Basket Sensation book is a VERY fun one. I luv scrap quilts...but, i am SO-SEW bad at putting them together...mine just don't turn out as pretty as all the other ones I see in blogland and quilt stores. Maybe, if i practice more? or am I just doomed?


  6. Get thee behind me Satan! I will not, shall not, can not buy one more book! (That one does look really good though.....) blessings, marlene

  7. You are simply too too special!! Back away from the Mt. Dew and chocolate sloooowly!


  8. Cute fabrics! Now stop reading comments and get those dresses done!!!

  9. I had the book with me, while visiting said mother inlaw, she loved it! It was around the time of her B-day, so I left it behind for her. However, I placed an order for another one! Great book. Enjoy your purchases!

  10. I look forward to seeing the table runner you will be creating. And two dresses by Easter? You go girl!!! Happy Easter to you and your family.

  11. Oh Wendy - I'm just uber happy for you over here - and I take FULL responsibility LOL! It's so great to see you treat yourself - book, adorable fabric, Mountain Dew, chocolate - what a great day! You give so much - and you deserve it! Love you too girlfriend!!

  12. Ohhh had I know you were coveting over that book, I would have given you one...I have 3 still...and the dresses...well I think they are delicious...and I too would certainly blame Kelly for anything and everything about fabrics...she is the queen of enabling...and chocolate...mmmm now that sounds like a delicious treat...for a special lady on every special day if you ask me xx

  13. HA HA HA your great!! That is how I feel sometimes. My poison is Diet Pepsi and chocolate. LOL! I a rolling from you post!