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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Title It What You Will...

I thought these were pretty, so wanted to include the picture ....
These pretty little violas seeded themselves from last summer and are the first blooms I have this spring ... so far, the only blooms I have this spring.

I received this in the mail for participating in the Just One Star project for Moda.
Nice surprise!

This  very pretty light blue and yellow pin cushion was delivered to me via my participation in Cara Quilt's swap by Natasha Spicer of Spicer Quilts.  Thank you so very much Natasha!  It's beautiful!!

I purchased this small bundle to participate in FQS Bella Parade show coming alive next month ... yes, I was sucked in by the beauty of their display quilt ... OH. MY. GOODNESS ... check it out here at 13 Woodhouse Road ... if you also get the urge, go sign up here at their Flickr Pool link.
So... this precious beauty was made for me by my 5 year old, Abbie.
Trust me, I will treasure this ALWAYS!!

Okay, I will forever and always laugh when I see this picture, so I have to share it.
  My very dear friend left a package at my house on Monday, when I was not at home, and when she caught up with me at the T-Ball Park that evening she says "I bought you a shirt for your birthday."  She also told me it was out of my comfort zone .... even now, I'm laughing as I write this. (In all honesty, she didn't know I love batiks!)

So, wanting to let her know that no matter what she picked out for me, I would love it, I say to her "Don't worry, I'll wear the shirt with pride."


My friend got the funniest look across her face but knowingly said "Sure."

When I got home, this beautiful package is what I found wrapped up on my porch.
I'm going to make a broach to symbolize this shirt before I take it apart ...
for both my friend and I.

Thank you, Missy, for all of this, and for the much needed hugs too!!!

And, speaking of Missy, one of her daughters graduates this coming weekend from high school.  I made this little trio out of a honey bun I had sitting in my stash.  The material is by Sandy Gervais and I used Terry Atkinson's Sweet Zip and Zippy Strippy patterns and I modified the Snap Happy pattern for the larger bag.

I'm going to attempt a couple more little bags for another of Missy's daughters before this weekend, but I wanted to share all this beauty with you.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to be back soon with more to share!

God Bless and quiltastic day to ya!


  1. Cute bags! The shirt cracks me up, too funny! Looks like you have had a good week.

  2. All your pictures are...If i were to call it what i will... They are ALL fun/cute/inspiring!
    Way-cute idea of putting the batiks into a shirt form. Darling card to treasure forever!


  3. I love the flowers. I used to have a ton of those and some still pop up from time to time. My Mom calls them Johnny Jump Ups. I like that name and think they're just so beautiful and fun. I just love the shirt and your birthday card and.....

  4. Happy Birthday - love the 'flower' and card from sweet child! How clever a gift bundle made up into a shirt. Your little bag set is just too cute. Enjoy your Bella solids.

  5. Love the shirt and tie! Have you tried it on yet? :)
    Yes that is a very precious card from your daughter, definitely a keeper. Happy belated Birthday Wendy!

  6. What a fun post! I loved the shirt - cute idea. Is the snap happy purse trio a pattern you bought or one you found on the internet? A friend gave me two recently and I'd like to make more. I saw a tutorial on the net and wondered if it's the same. Have a great rest of the week! blessings, marlene

  7. I've had so much fun looking through your blog at all your cute creations. Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog today. - Suzanne

  8. Fun, fun, fun and a happy birthday to you. Love all the gifties and acquisitions. Come on Spring - sending you warm wishes. JudyC

  9. I love following your blog....all of the completed projects are lovely, but the most beautiful is the card from your sweet lil daughter! Hope your special day was a happy one!
    Jacque in SC

  10. Oh mi gosh that "shirt" is too cute!! I had a good giggle out of htat one too.


  11. Congratulations Wendy for your win,Strawberry Fields Fat Eights Bundle at Charming Girls. Enjoy - Judy C www.shadetreequilting.com

  12. this just filled me with smiles...the shirt, letters from buglets...winnings, surprise gifts from peoples hearts...well my dear, you have touched many...mine everyday

  13. Love the little bags, and the "shirt" is wonderful. Wonder how she did that? You made my day smile :-)