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Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Girl Likes Her Some Purple ...

Okay, so I've been a WEEEE bit absent from the bloggihood lately. Well, blame it on this one, whose favorite color happens to be purple, can you tell? :

Actually, that was Abbie, almost five years ago.  This is Abbie today:

Today, Abbie had a birthday party to celebrate her fifth birthday ....

Including my two daughters, we had nine children ... ten if you count a little sister who was here for a short time to play. Isn't that a sight to behold :)  I made pizza from scratch (due to daughter #1's allergies) and blew up more balloons than I care to count.  Borrowed game ideas from other birthday parties we've attended this year .... and ... AND there was no crying, fighting, or blood :)  I'd say score one for Mommy!  Here's the cake I made and decorated:

....  and, while Abbie didn't want me to make her another blanket or pillow for her birthday, she was okay with me making her a dress .... for her to wear to her birthday party ...
So, I gave up trying to surprise her during the week, and made this for her last night .... please take note of the lovely ruffle (Samm!!!!! ) from this ruffle-phobia girl lol .... yes, I'd do it again.

Actually, I've wanted to blog about this dress since the minute I sat down to start sewing it.

The instant I started stitching this dress, I felt absolute joy ... yes, JOY.  How funny is that? It's the first item of clothing I made for my babies.  I've been sewing for longer than I can remember.  Probably used my Gramma's old Singer for upwards of 20-25 years, making anything from pillows, dolls, shorts, shirts and dresses, but this is the first item for my very own daughter.  Yes, joy filled my heart.  I hope its the first of many things, now that they aren't sprouting two inches every time they get up from bed in the morning.

Okay, so now that I've shared, probably more that you wished to know, I'm going to go and enjoy me an adult beverage, put my feet up and promptly hear "MAAWWWMMM" and rightly ignore it as Abbie's real birthday is tomorrow and I have dinner and dessert to make for all of the relatives coming to celebrate tomorrow .... where's that adult beverage?

(yeah, right, in which reality do I live in?!!?!!!)

I hope to have something quilty to share with you all soon, but I thank you for visiting!

Happy birthday Abbie, Mom loves you!!


  1. What a cutie! I love the dress and I admire your courage for having 10 children for games and eats. :) I'd say you deserve some chair time and that adult beverage! blessings, marlene

  2. Awww! Happy Birffy, Abbie! Nice job on the cake, dress and party, Mom! I remember those birthday party days. They were fun, but SO exhausting!

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter. 5 is a fun age!

  4. Oh, I remember those days. Happy Birthday Abbie. And kuddos to Mom for a successful party - no crying and no blood!!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Abbie! You look oh-so-very-pretty in your purple princess dress!

  6. Happy Birthday Abbie, your dress is lovely! And Wendy, you did a wonderful party! I remember my kids birthday parties, always sounded like a great idea ahead of time and couldn't wait for parents to pick up the kids after all was over. You have earned your adult beverage and enjoy the party for the real birthday tomorrow!

  7. Deep Sigh!! Dittos to all of the above! Looks as if the day was truly a hit! Hugs and extra love to you girls!

  8. Happy birthday to the purple princess! Hope your cuppa was great!

  9. Happy Birthday sweet little purplr girl! What a cutie!!

  10. Happy Birthday Abbie, you look so sweet in your lovely purple dress. Purple is my favourite color to.
    Wendy I use to sew for my daughter to right up to prom dresses in High School and I just loved it.I was hoping for a little granddaughter to sew for but I have two grandsons. I remember the birthday parties, enjoy the go to fast. Blessings Sandra

  11. She looks like you. =)

    I want to make a dress for my Brooklyn, but I am scared...Was it terribly hard? What pattern did you use?

  12. How sweet! Happy birthday!

  13. You are a GREAT mom! She will remember how wonderful it was....10, 15, 20 years from now!

    I'm glad you shared! It brought back memories...my baby is 23! I wish I still had some of the material from the clothes I made WAY back then...I should've saved bits along with a picture of the item... o, well..sigh...


  14. Wonderful post...I enjoyed reading about Abbie's special day, her special Mom-made dress, and it brought back many memories for me, too. I actually did save many of the scraps from twenty-plus years of sewing for my kids, and put them all into a quilt for my hubby and me!
    Jacque in SC

  15. Hi Abbie...I think your Mumm's made you the most beautiful dress...and being partial to ruffles...I am thinking this must be your favorite too?
    You are really a pretty girl and I love your headband too...Did you have fun...looks like it..Keep smiling your smile is beautiful.

  16. What a wonderful bunch of celebration! Thanks for sharing it with us.