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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time to Play

Yes, I admit it ... I played hookie today from sewing, quilting, laundry and housework.  I had fun.

LOL .... ready for this?

My four year old and I played Super Mario on Wii dang near all day long! ....  LOL  Then, we went to pick up her sister from kindergarten, and all three of us played until we had to leave for Church tonight.  Yes, we even squeezed one more game in before they had to go to bed. ..... LOL

Life was good and I do not feel guilty!

So .... I will say that on Saturday I received a very nice package in the mail from my pincushion swap partner,  Shannon of Nunu's Quilt World  ... wanna see?

Very cool package, thank you very much!

Look at these adorable pins!  Sweeeeeetttt!
Shannon, thank you, thank you!  It was emmencely fun being your swap buddy!

This is my Em sneaking in some sewing time since little Sis got to earlier ...
love her enough to let her use my machine :)  And you know what else?  Em had me come to her class yesterday so she could show and tell a couple of the quilts I've made ... do I have to tell you how special that was for me?


I am also proud to say, I finally finished this quilt!  Yay me!!  It is my very first block of the month for which I pieced it and designed and stitched the layout in 2009. (not a typo)  I quilted this Nov. 2010.  I did the binding yesterday.  Not bad!  It now graces my bed. ... my king size bed.  Does that give you any idea of how large this puppy is?  I'm thrilled its finished and out of my sewing room and off my UFO list!
And, as for this little spot of sunshine, I finished it Monday and stuck it in the mail on Tuesday.  I'm hoping it gets to it's surprise recipient on Friday ... One can hope.  I wanted to share  the sunny feeling I get in my heart when I visit and share with my friend, so made this for her, so she will always have her own spot of sunshine to warm her heart.

I'm thinking she'll be pleased. :) What do you think? I used Patrick Lose fabrics and it is once again my own design.  Fun, fun.

Okay, I'm off to bed ... yes, bed ... the girls are asleep and the kitchen has been cleaned, laundry is now going and I do believe a book and hot cuppa is calling my name from my comfy bed with my very own quilt to sleep under.  Yay me!

Blessings to each of you and thank you dearly for stopping by for a visit!  Please remember that I appreciate each and every single one of you that comes by and it means ever so much to me when you let me know you've been here with a comment.

Hugs to you! and Quiltastic day to ya!


  1. Time with your children should always have highest value, with no apologies. Love the package of goodies - Shannon is a sweetie. Those pins would NEVER be used, but permanent displays. What a great quilt! Yes, it was time and wonderful that you kept it for yourself. Sunshine - what is that? oh I miss it. That is sweet.

  2. Love the quilt. The colors are perfectly me - so soft and pretty. Enjoy your children.

  3. Great job on your finishes. Love that little sunshine quilt! It's so nice your kids are so eager to sew :) Don't you just love days you can do nothing but PLAY! lol

  4. I remember playing nentindo with my third and fourth son while the older brothers were at school with a little on on my lap....those were the days...so enjoy...no quilt!!

    Love your quilt and sunshine.

  5. Super Mario is soooo addicting - lol. How fun to spend a day with your daughter :)
    Your quilt is beautiful and amazing! Great package from Shannon - love the pins. Your 'little spot of sunshine' is fantastic and your friend should be very happy to receive it.

  6. I think it's the very parent who will take the day off to spend a day playing with her child/children. That's the day she/they will remember when they're old - not the days you did the laundry. :) Funny the things we remember - I'm nearly 65 and I remember sitting on the front porch with my grandmother while she made me a macaroni necklace. Yep, she had a plain old piece of string and macaroni noodles and I adored it! I can't believe you designed that quilt - I could never dream up a quilt design. God skipped me when He passed out creativity because He knew I would have friends who could create and I could copy them. :) And you know I love the sunshine! blessings, marlene

  7. Wonderful finishes, wonderful gifties, and wonderful time with your children. What more can you ask for? Judy C

  8. Sounds like it was a perfect ending to a perfect day! Your quilts are beautiful! Love how you are able to catch the happiness of sunshine in your quilting! You do beautiful work!

  9. You have been playing and how productive you have been...I am sew filled with AWE...your new sunshine quilt is beautiful....there is no doubt your lady will be over the top excited....

  10. There is nothing more important then spending time playing with your children. Good for you!

  11. What a great day you had. I am glad that you enjoyed the stuff I sent. I love the stuff you sent me. THANK YOU!! Your quilt is so great. I love how you have all the rows going the same way!

  12. We moved to Stratford to be near our grandson (four yr) and he comes three days a week and they are totally devoted to him. My love just keeps expanding the more I see of him. I think that is so important t6o take time with your children.
    As usual your quilts are both beautiful.
    Blessings Sandra

  13. Oh that is like sunshine..love the cheeriness of it and I bet she does too.

  14. Beautifull finishes, Wendy. Striking yellow quilt which reminds me too of sunshine.