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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sweet Sunny Happiness

Thank you MS!

Friday, I received this very special order from Sweetwater:

beautiful piece of art ... will be matted and framed.
Sweetwater blogged about this art print on Monday on there blog, here: makelifesweet.  My picture doesn't do this beautiful piece of art justice ... check out their post and then come back ...

Welcome back. :-)  As soon as I saw the script under the Sunkissed circles, I had to have this. I mean I HAD to have it.  I don't do this too very often ... really :-) but ... well, wait a minute, let me show you this next project I've been working on (before I discovered Sweetwater's artwork) and then I'll explain:

Sunkissed fabric by Sweetwater ... Of Course! ...
The design is mine, I was aiming for a 'sun-like' image. Center is paper-pieced, rest of it was a work in progress ... designed as I went.  It's not yet quilted, maybe next week...
I enlarged this picture so you could read the bottom of my wall hanging. ...

"U R My Sunshine"

Did you notice the song on Sweetwater's art piece?  "You Are My Sunshine"

Well, the story behind this special song for me, is a bit personal ... so skip ahead if you don't want to be bored ... really, I understand {{chuckle}}

Long before I ever knew "about" life, my lifetime's goal was to become a mother.  Long story short, God had different plans.  Needless to say, I constantly questioned his plans and through many false pregnancies, miscarriages and upsets, I began doubting I would ever achieve what I thought was my lifetime goal.
Fast forward from age 19 to 36, which spans a marriage, a divorce, several years single ... can you hear the tick tock ?? ... lol ... and by 36 I was married again, set on life as a childless women, unless I could afford to adopt, which really wasn't in the cards.
Until, wow, one day I was pregnant, and I remained pregnant ...  I was so thrilled that every day I would place my hand on my little baby-bump and sing "You Are My Sunshine" over and over again to my tummy.  Silly, I know.  But then, it became such a mantra to me, that I sang it to my daughter as a baby, my second blessing of a baby and then to both of my girls at bedtime or when their tears just needed a mommy hug.  Seriously, my girls are my Sunshine...
Thank you God, honestly and truly!

Okay ... if you've skipped ahead past the boringly personal story ... I've a few more shares for you:
My sister has a birthday on Sunday.  I made her this:

Adorable laminated material, isn't it? :)

Inside ... I really think this can be reversible, don't you?
Laminated materials I used.
So, what this is, is a laminated market/grocery tote.  I will not admit to being too lazy, or too cheap, to purchase a pattern ... I really thought there were lots of patterns for this type of bag online, for free.  My Bad. {{chuckle}}  Well, what makes this bag different is that it's laminated on the outside, and the inside. So, since I had to have this ready to be mailed this weekend (sorry Sherry, it'll be there Monday, a day after your birthday ... hugs! ... ) I didn't have time to purchase a pattern, nor run to town to find one.

If you'd care to, I'll write up a tutorial for this very quick and very easy tote.  I made it all in one afternoon and I believe it's good enough to be reversible.  Not bad for cheap and easy :) :)

And on a final note, I persevered and finished up this week's block for Blockapalooza ... keeping me caught up.  Here:
Kinda fun, isn't it?  Yay! I'm still caught up.

Well, the husband's off work and the kids are out of school for the weekend so I probably won't get much sewing done ... maybe ;) ... stitching in the car? lol

And on that note, I best be heading off to bed ... somehow the clock is close to that 1:00 hour again ... when I start getting silly, so I'll spare everyone and stop while I'm ahead. Hope the long post was too bad for you!! Hugs and luv to each of you ... thank you for stopping by and thank you even more for letting me know you stopped by!  Quiltastic day to you!!


  1. And what a sweet sunny story to begin my Saturday....listen...YOU R our SUNSHINE TOO...love that poster...wow!...I saw their buttercream and black one..wow!...and your new quilt, WOW, your sister's tote...WOW.....Our world is sew much better with you in it....

  2. That is a lovely bag. Love the colors and the PATTERN. I'm enjoying a few make it up as you go along things myself. Nice to be able to do that.
    My mother used to wake us up with Good Morning Sunshine so I love that saying too. Love those Sweetwater prints. But which one to buy?
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Wendy, what a lovely story. I'm glad that your dreams were finally realized. God is good. I used to sing this song to my now 16yr son, when he was tiny, and it always made him cry :) lol....My husbands nickname from me is Sunshine...You did nice work on your orange top there.

  4. Wendy, lovely story. Have a great weekend.

  5. Nice having a peek into who you are! Thank you for sharing your story with us. My DH cross stitched this for me and has always called me his sunshine. In fact, engraved on the inside of my wedding band is "You are my sunshine", I guess we have that in common! Have a wonderful Saturday!!

  6. Tutorial please. I love the laminated bag. Happy quilting!

  7. Wendy I loved the story - God is so good! He knows the perfect time for babies. :) I'm jealous that you're caught up on your project - I'm behind on more than one! I love the bag too but I'm curious; did you buy the fabric already laminated or did you laminate it yourself? blessings, marlene

  8. Oh my gosh.. what a sweet story.. sniff... sniff!! I just need a tissue gimme a sec!! I probably should have skipped!! Love the bag it is roomy and wonderful! I could carry lots of goodies in there. I would need to make me some zipper bags to separate all my quilty projects and make up etc.. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing your story about what God can do! God is good! I also love your bag that you made for your sister - happy birthday to her!

  10. God was just waiting for you to "become" to give you babies - What a lovely story - My "You Are My Sunshine" story is when five-y-o grandson went to a recording studio (mom took him) and he made Gramms a recording of him singing You Are My Sunshine. Of course, I still have it!! He is 27 now. Love these memories. Judy C www.shadetreequilting.com

  11. And YOU my dear...are my Sunshine! Always have been....always will be!

  12. "You Are My Sunshine," is a song I sang to my children, too...It's a timeless favorite. =)

    Art print = wow!
    Tote bag = Wow!
    Quilt = WOW!!

    Your girls are very blessed to have YOU as their mommy.

    Blessing, Wendy. I am very glad we have met....

  13. Oh, one more thing...Where did you get Madame Samm's graphic? I love the girl with the puppy...I wonder if she has any sheep?? *hint*

  14. Great story and quilt! I too have a little sunshine. I even made up a sunshine song for her I use would sing to her when she went to bed and then again when she woke. For about a year of her life she thought "sunshine" was her name and called herself that.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing the story of your Sunshines! I totally love your U R My Sunshine quilt - my favorite fabric - and a wonderful design. A lovely read to start my Saturday morning!

  16. You Are My Sunshine always makes me smile. I remember my Daddy singing it to me when I was little, and I'm ancient! I ordered a Sunkissed print, too, just too irresistible.

  17. What great memories we all have regarding that song.....my son's very first puppy was named Sunshine and he sang to her all the way home the day we bought her for him....he is now 32 and expecting his first child ( my first grandbaby)You can bet your booties I will sing it to him/her! Thanks for making my day!

  18. Don't mean to be morbid, but that was one of my son Ricky's (downsyndrome) favorite songs. It was played at his funeral. He was my sunshine.

  19. Loved your story and obviously the sweetwater print is meant to be, so you must get it! I want one of the prints for my granddaughter, who is just 7 months old for her bedroom. I think I'm going to have to breakdown and buy one. Thanks!

  20. Loved your story to ,so similar to my daughter who is diabetic but so wanted a baby. She didn't try till 37 and lost the first little girl at 26 weeks. Finally at the age of 40 on her birthday and after 5 months in the hospital she had a little boy. He is blind but definitely our little sunshine and we sang that song to him all the time. Sometimes that was the only thing that stopped him crying. He is four now and he sometimes sings the song to us in his sweet little voice. I love your bag will be looking forward to the tutorial. Blessings Sandra

  21. Isn't it wonderful how so many of us have sweet stories about that little song? Loved hearing yours very much. Makes that quilt so meaningful. My hubby used to sing our daughter to sleep with that song...we'd had two boys and then he got "his girl." LOL
    Love the laminated tote - looking forward to the tutorial. Did you laminate the fabric? Did you use a special needle? Inquiring minds want to know!
    Jacque in SC

  22. Why would I skip that wonderful story. I am so happy for you and your family, what a special quilt, with such a special meaning. Quilt and story beautiful!

  23. No your story wasn't boring! SO happy for you that GOd blessed you with your sweet little girls! The tote is very cute..YES please do a tutorial!!!!! I would like to use the laminated fabric for a few bags for my girls. The Sunshine quilt is a very special special quilt!Beautiful job designing it! I hadn't seen the artwork by Sweetwater, I will have to go take a look! Have a blessed week!

  24. Wendy,
    I used to sing that song to my daughter when she was little- she's 22 now and still knows she is my sunshine!
    Thanks for the post!

  25. ohhh my gosh, I ordered that same laminated fabric... by accident. I thought I was getting regular fabric and was soo surprised when I saw it was laminated. I LOVE the bag you made. I am thinking I might have to do something like this! Do you know what yardage you used? I only ordered 1/2 yd of the floral but, do have a yard of the polka dot!