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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No Rhyme, No Reason ...

No rhyme, no reason, just tis the season ... and I'm teasin!  lol
(Okay, so at 1:00 a.m., I thought that was funny ... {{grins}} )

Happy Hellos to you on this fine Tuesday!!

So ... What have I been up to ... you don't ask ...

tonight I caught up on my Blockapalooza blocks:

I really like the blocks and the colors ... though the pictures turned out dark ... again a bit late at night, everyone else is in bed therefore I get to actually accomplish something ... like maybe a silly post that might bring a few laughs? luv and hugs!!

My girls did make this last week:

Abbie, Snowperson, Emily
Yes, I think they are just too cute not to include in my post today.

See, I told you ... no rhyme or reason to my post today, though I did want to share!!

OH .. and look what my sweet post lady brought me:

This would be my most awesome Kansas Troubles Fat 1/8th Bundle recently won during the Moda Pillow Talk Blog Hop ... you my remember my smidgen of excitement posted here ... not that I was excited or anything ... HA!  Super cool!!  Thank you Moda and Kansas Troubles Quilters!!

Then ... I  know, I know ... stop with the bragging already, but hey ... I was so lucky to win and I really do want to give credit to the most wonderful people that make and share these wonderful projects ...

Isn't this bag adorable?!?!!  Ms. Geta Grama of Geta's Quilting Studio made this bag and had a giveaway.  I was the very fortunate winner ... she thinks I should share it with my daughters,but I do believe I might end up being a bit selfish here and keep it for myself ... besides it's just one and they would probably fight anyway so, in the end, I'm doing us all a favor, aren't I?? ... just say yes, it's easier, trust me {{grins}}  Thank you Geta!!  Do take the opportunity to check out her blog ... she's an amazing quilter and truly worth the trip to Romania to see her (in the bloggi-sphere).

Okay .. I've been working on another little project, but since it's isn't quite ready for it's curtain call, I can't share ... its camera shy  ... or camera smart with the way I've been taking pictures lately ... but I hope to finish my little project soon so I can share it with anyone interested enough to come on back for a visit.

I'm off to raid the snack cupboard and then connect my head with the pillow ... Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a visit ... thank you even more, and more, and more {{hint hint}}, for leaving me a little comment telling me you were here.  I so appreciate you!! 

Until next time ... Quiltastic day to you and happy heart hugs to each of you!


  1. What a cute snow person, the girls did a good job:)

  2. Congrats on your wins! Always love the pictures you include in your posts.

  3. Haha... I like snacks before sleeping too.. and before blogging, and before stitching.... anytime really! I read you often but not so good on comments.... I just love red telephone boxes...

  4. Your blocks are beautiful! I love the fabrics you are using. Your daughters are cute with their little snowperson. Congrats on both of your wins!

  5. Love your post today - exactly like my thoughts this week - scattered everywhere - so many projects going on. Love the blocks and the children are adorable. Can't get enough of our wins. Judy C

  6. Love your blocks! And I think I would keep the bag, too! It's really cute. They made a great snow sculpture, didn't they?! Have a happy Tuesday!
    Jacque in SC

  7. Your daughters are adorable....love what the mail man brought you.....

  8. Congrats on all your fun wins! The girls and the snowgirl are too cute. Blocks are looking awesome. I'm very behind as of today, but I'm cutting now, so maybe I'll get caught up.

  9. Cute, cute picture of the girls with the snowman! I love the prizes you won - that's just so exciting. :) I've been out of town a couple of days so no stitching done but I'm going to sit down in front of the television tonight with a bit of embroidery. Can't wait! blessings, marlene

  10. Call me partial...but those are two of the cutest little girls I have seen in absolutely ages!! Looks like they know exactly what to do with all of the snow..make a 'playmate'!! Love what you have won..the luck is in your corner....again. :) Your blocks are beautiful! I really enjoy your blog...You are in excellent company!

  11. Very pretty white/pink blocks. AND,Congrats on your WIN!! Lucky Duck!


  12. funny names for girls Rhyme and Reason...lol
    they are adorable....lot's of snow in your area...
    what delightful wins..you ladies who keep winning...I must rub against you...lol or something like that..

  13. I love your blockapalooza blocks. Wish I could say I'm caught up. The only part I'm caught up with is the downloading the patterns. Congrats on the wins.

  14. Your blocks look great - and your girls are just such Cutie Pies!!! Enjoy all of those fun goodies! Can't wait to see what you make!

  15. Cute picture of the girls and snowperson! I ha ve some similar pictures of our kids when they were little, very precious! Yes, the green and pink bag is adorable, I would be hard pressed to share it. :) your Blockapaloosa blocks look great! What a fun quilt it will be when all completed.