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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just so you know ...

Moda's Just One Star by Wendy in MT

Moda's Just One Star a photo by Wendy in MT on Flickr.
Just so you know that I haven't been sitting and twiddlin' my thumbs ... I finished these and mailed them yesterday. You can learn more about them here: Just One Star... this is a challenge by Moda to create quilts for soldiers.  Just one star from each of us quilters and imagine the amount of quilts that can be made.  I happened to have signed up for this through p.s.iquilt who was challenging her readers.  It was the kick in the seat I needed to get'r done ... and yes, she's offering prizes to those that let her know via pictures that they've made them and mailed them.  My sister is/was a Marine, so in her honor, I did these.

I am also working on two pincushions, to be seen later, for two different swaps. One stated she didn't like wonky and all be darned but I just feel so very tempted to do something wonky ... shame, shame!! LOL

And, to everyone who may or may not need a hug ... consider yourself hugged!! You know you cannot give a hug without receiving one, so I give each and everyone of you a virtual hug!!


  1. I finally got my pincushions out to finish. I have about 100 patterns and I"d love to make them all. Thankfully I'll tire of them before I run out of space.

  2. Your blocks look great! I sent mine out today :-)

  3. Stars for soldiers...thanks for posting about this! I'm gonna check 'er out!


  4. A hug is a hug...virtual or not and always needed and greatly appreciated! Thank you! thank you as well for sharing your time and abilities on your wonderful blog! Have a super day! PS: LOVE your blocks!!

  5. I've got the pattern for the Stars for Soldiers but haven't made them yet - must get on that this weekend! blessings, marlene

  6. Your blocks are great, I sent out 14 blocks in the mail today but did not take any pictures of them. I got started making them and just kept going until there were 14.

  7. I've only finished one star. :( BUT I have some really great fabric on its way to me that has delicious reds and blues in it, so more will follow shortly!
    As far as your swap goes, I LOVE wonky........sometimes I even do it on purpose!

  8. Love those blocks...and who doesn't love a hug?! I'll consider it my anniversary present - 33 years and counting! Lucky we married on St. Paddy's day, so neither one of us will forget the date! LOL
    Jacque in SC

  9. I love what they're doing with the star blocks. And a big hug back at you!

  10. Thank you for the hug, needed it today, and it's being return to you! I've got the directions printed to make the star blocks and thanks to your push, I'll get them done yet this week and off in the mail. THANKS!

  11. I've downloaded that pattern as well...just need to get to it.


  12. Love the star project and your blocks are perfect!!! A BIG HUG back your way.