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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Hellos!

I wanted to share some smiles, send some flowers ...  

share what I've been up to this past week and
wish you all a wonderful Tuesday ....

Some of you may remember from a previous post a quilt I had on Gammie ... well here it is, finished:
Julie's Star Quilt

Just for the record, she liked it.  My frustration was in the fact that I want to be better than I am and I tend to get impatient with myself ... at one point, while attempting to follow a stencil, I quilted a bit and spent the next 1 1/2 hr ripping out the stitches.  Yes, frustrated.... but I know, I know, time, time, time ... practice, practice, practice and lots of patience ... I'll get there!

however, my next quilt, for Dawn, was this: 
Back of Dawn's Quilt ... First time for feathers
Front of Dawn's Quilt ... quilted freehand feathers and quilted appliqued flowers
 And I had lots of fun :) creating free motion feathers and then: 

Free motion meandering heart quilting on this table runner.  Very relaxing.... so Gammie can stay put ... until next time ... :) :) :)

I thought I'd share this with you also:
My very 'Sweet' Sunkissed winnings from Sweetwater from the Moda Pillow Talk Blog Hop
Thank you Sweetwater and Moda!!

I do believe this stuff may find it's way into a bucket
that will be given away tomorrow:
1/2 yrd Canvas Authentic, 4 Fabric Make Life labels, 1 Sunkissed Grey Mug Rug,
assorted Sweetwater iron on labels
 Interested? .... don't forget to comment here as my giveaway ends at 10 p.m. MST Wednesday, March 2nd.

 Oh, and while I was making the mug rug to include in the bucket, I made this little beauty for myself ... couldn't resist :)

Got time for one more share? 

Well, here's the darling little friend that received the quilt I recenlty made.  I'm including a picture from a distance so you can see she's not much bigger than the quilt :) ... isn't she adorable?

Thanks for letting me share!

Quiltastic day and happy hugs!!


  1. Good Morning! It is so wonderful to have you share all of your projects! You do such nice work! I would be very proud to have you quilt for me...who knows..maybe someday? Thank you for sharing your 'smiles & flowers'!

  2. You do lovely work Wendy. Lovely Sunkissed there. Congrats again.

  3. Isn't she a sweetie. I so admire the beautiful quilting you ladies do on your machines. Wish I lived closer I have lots to quilt and I am not very good. All the best from Canada

  4. You do great quilting! Love the feathers. Have a happy day!

  5. WEll first your wee one is a dahling..what quilt does she have drapped over her shoulders...you tell her, she is as cute a that bundle of sunkisssssssss oh my...love the mug rug...you have been busy...makes me feel like I have done nothing ...wink..

  6. What an amazing win from the blog hop!!

    Your machine quilting is fabulous! I am so impressed and can only hope i can do as well one day.

    I ran into the lady that will be teaching the free class that comes with my Fun Quilter and she gave me lots of tips to help me practice. She highly recommended these books:It's nice having an idea on what to do.


    Looking at a big empty piece of fabric is daunting.

  7. You have been very, very busy. Your star quilt is wonderful - so bright and cheery. Your quilting is amazing!! Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful work.

  8. Lots of pretty quilts and a beautiful pack of fabrics. Enjoy your gift.

  9. Oh my goodness, I love those quilts!!

  10. i just love the star quilt! And congrats again on the Sweetwater win (although it I wish I had won! :-)

  11. Clapping and CONGRATS!! on YOUR win (great stuff,i might add)! You ARE a lucky-duck! The weee one is so cute and she looks like she is WHEELY enjoying the Quilty-comforts!


  12. Wendy,
    Julie's Star Quilt is just stunning! What a great job you did. Thanks for sharing with us all.


  13. Love how the posie quilt turned out. The quilting looks great. I can't wait until the winner is announced. Crossing my fingers. Pick me pick me. Oh I am using have my mug rug for my cocoa mug on 1 half and the other half half as my mouse pad.....um just an idea. It works great and looks Fabulous!! Thanks!!

  14. Wow, how generous are you to have 2 giveaways in two days! Count me in - Terri in BC

  15. Thanks for the comment on my post on Stash - the odd snack helps to keep the energy up??? but after that tut I need to go on a diet!!
    Love your work shown and what a lovely model....
    I'll be back...

  16. Well first time doing feathers Well done. I'm impressed.

  17. (Wiping the drool off the keyboard) LOL Oh, that luscious Sunkissed fabric!
    Congrats on all that lovely quilting! I'm no expert, but it sure looks great to me.
    I LOVE that mugrug! Boy, am I hoping I can win those lovely gifties!
    Jacque in SC

  18. Oh....everything is just so pretty and cheerful. L o v e it all.

  19. Quilt is beautiful! Congrats on your BiG win too!!

  20. OMGosh - your quilting is AWESOME! Kuddos to you for learning to do that gorgeous free motion! I just don't have the patience for it! And, I love your mug rug, too! Enjoy that FQB - and way to go on making that sweet girl so happy!!