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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Surprise Finish ...

Okay ... for some time I've been pondering a project I wanted to make as a surprise for a lady friend ... bouncing from one idea to another.  Then when the March/April 2011 McCall's Quilting issue came out and while cruising it's pages, I found this pattern:

A Gift for Mom is what this is called, designed by Kari Carr.  I immediately knew it was what I wanted to make.   Isn't it funny when an idea hits you like that?  However, as you will note from my finished product: 

 I took a few liberties from the pattern ... big liberties ... guess I just can't help myself.   
The pattern calls this a "cozy quilted shawl" design. I used a soft minky swirl inside. The front of both sides are pockets ... see here: 

I got the "coffee break" and the "coffee cup" from the Whimsical's Companions book ...again, borrowing and taking liberties with patterns, it's what I do, but its what I had in my mind for this particular lady friend so when it spoke to me, I listened. 

Tell me what you think .... hit or miss?  Could you see yourself wrapped in this, drinking your morning mo-jo cruising the blogs or newspaper?

Well, either way, its off to the mailbox tomorrow and fingers crossed hoping the surprise hits a happy mark!


  1. Definately a 'Hit'... You have done an excellent job and it will make a wonderful 'morning-coffee-snuggie'. Great job!!

  2. I have the same mag. and I love that pattern. I really like how you made it yours by combing patterns. I would love something like this and I am sure your friend will love it.

  3. Oh....this is such a wonderful idea and I love the liberties you have taken. Your mom will love it.

  4. Again, there is no doubt about it Your MOM will love it...very good detail, colors, everything Wendy...has me thinking, I may just have to make one of these too...

  5. I love it! I'm a big shawl person, like wrapping in a blanket without the bulk. The pockets are so perfect. I think your lady friend will love it.

  6. OOOOHHHH...The Minky inside would be so soft and cuddly. What a wonderful gift!!

  7. I love it! You are so talented, girlfriend!

  8. Looks cozy and beautiful at the same time. Love the use of Breakfast at Tiffany's fabrics!

    Happy sewing,

    Fig Tree

  9. I love it!! I so would wrap up in your coffee break wrap anytime!:O)