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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mail Call, News & CGQC Finishes

Okie dokie then ...  how excited am I???

Boogetie, boogetie, boogetie ...

Look what the mail lady brought to me today:

Yes, indeedy ... my Cuppa Cozy and Little Quilts book which I won from Madam Samm of Sew I Quilt ... words ... LOVE IT!! :)  scwheeet! Thank you so very much Samm!! (((bonus Pure fabric on the Cozy -- you all know I adore Sweetwater fabric ... okay so I drool  now and then ... seriously ))) and the Little Quilts book by Alice Berg, Mary Ellen Von Holt and Sylvia Johnson  very, very nice.  And, if that wasn't sweet enough ...

well, I took some time this evening to read some blogs and discovered this most fantastic news ~

The Moda Pillow Talk Blog Hop recently ended and during the hop we were asked to leave comments on each post for that designer's designated day.  Some of the designers had giveaways ...

In fact, two of my ultimate favorites are Kansas Troubles Quilters ... 

The KT giveaway is a Perennials fat 1/8 bundle, which goes to Wendy from Florence, MT. Congrats Wendy!

The winner will win an entire collection of fat eights (from Sunkissed of course!).  And the winner is....WendyMT

Yes, I feel as if I won the quilter's lottery ... Thank you Moda, Kansas Troubles Quilters and Sweetwater Fabrics!!!

Yes ... I humbly thank you!

And as for the my finishes for Charming Girls Quilt Club ....

Kelly you are awesome!!  You work so very hard, even in your down time, and you inspire me ... I'm grateful to be included in your club.  So ... I am proud to report that while I did not finish all I set out to accomplish way back here ... I did accomplish this:
1. Bind my Sunday Squares wallhanging
3. Gift Shawl for dear friend
4. Ritzy Cracker Quilt for daughter's friend
5.  Quilted 2 quilts on Gammie
8.  M'Grug for SewIQuilt contest
10.  Totally up-to-date with my Block-a-palooza Blocks ... Score!!
I'm sure there are a few tidbits here or there I'm forgetting, but I'm sure you'all will forgive me in my brain's excited fever tonight ;)

And besides ... being as this is post 99 ... I am working on some very "Sweet" ideas for my 100th post giveaway. ... though I have to say it'll be more of a giveaway in thanks to all my supporters than for my posts as I've deleted several quick notice posts that would have put me over the 100 mark long ago, so I'd rather show my gratitude to all of you that follow my gibberish blogging than anything else .... I'm grateful for you!

Heads up ... no-reply bloggers ... not good.  Please check your status.  This doesn't help either of us, especially if you win....

Oh yeah, one more picture to this long winded post ...

This is my Gammie, in my studio, looking out towards the back of my house ... with the quilt that I just about gave it all up on ... not mine, a friend's ... a story for another day, but lucky for me, a very dear, wise friend called at the right moment, talked me down from my stress-high and I recovered :)  Thanks Missy!!  I pray I am the wiser for this event and I may have to post this picture on my inspiration wall as a reminder! I'll say this, newbie long-armers and perfectionists DO NOT mix!!!  Enough said.
Quilted blessings to each of you!  Check back for my Supporter Appreciation Giveaway soon :)  Trust me, I think it'll be worth it!


  1. WEll you lucky lady...a whole fat quarter bundle of you know OUR fav...lol. and look, at your windfall... oh I recognize your list #3...loving it of course...OK, sew I have never ever won a blog giveaway, but my winnings come in diff't packages wink....
    Oh Studio..OMG...wow...high ceilings..great room...way to go Wendy...

  2. Wonderful gifties....and I loved seeing your picture of your longarm.....drooling over here!!

  3. Congratulations on all your wins! I am thrilled for you!

    I want to hear more about you learning how to use your Gammie. I got practice fabric on my frame and played with my Fun Quilter a bit last night. I think I could love long arming. They sure make it look easier than it is on the videos, though, don't they?

  4. I love you. Can't wait to see all your blocks together in a quilt. They are awesome. Almost as awesome as you but, not quite.

  5. Just remember...."an artist is their own worst critic"... There is critisisim (constructive) and there is critisisim (damaging).Decide to love the constructive, and ignore the damaging... You are a blossoming artist who is willing to learn and share everyday! We all love to watch you grow and share your successes or we wouldn't be here!
    Congratulations on the extremely wonderful additions to your 'stash'! You go Girl!!(((wink)))

  6. I don't blog, but I so much enjoy seeing other people's creativity....congratulations on your wins! And WOW what a beautiful studio for your Gammie to live in!
    Looking forward to seeing more posts!
    Jacque in SC

  7. Okay so I am the owner of the quilt in the above photo that frustrated Wendy yesterday. I can assure all of you readers, she did an awesome job! Beginner/schminner .......she is well on her way to being a top niotched long armer.....Thanks, my friend!

  8. Hi:) I found your blog via Flicker, specifically the psiquilt pin wheel quilt along and Blockapaloosa. LOVED seeing all your beautiful work and enjoyed reading a little on your blog. CONGRATULATIONS on all the fabric wins...how exciting!!! What a blessing to have a longarm in your home..WOW!

  9. Congrats on your wins Wendy!! I am one of the winners on Kate Spains blog. My first win, I was so excited...but I am REALLY jealous that you won Sweetwater, I just LOVE their Sunkissed fabrics :)

  10. Oh goodness - where to begin!! Congrats on your wins - you deserve it so ENJOY! And, WOW - you put me to shame girl with all you get done and all of your creativity! And, OMGosh - we need to talk! I've been having long arm issues (let's just say some serious anger outbursts and some crying too)! So glad you made it through! And congrats on your almost 100th post! So glad you're here in blogland!!

  11. Great finishes! Congrats on your wins too.

  12. Congrats on your lucky wins! You certainly accomplished a lot on the sewing front! I really like your postage stamp quilt and your m'grug. Great sewing!

  13. Look at that nice studio...I am lucky.

  14. Congrats to you for all your winnings. How wonderful your finishes are. Very good post. JudyCnNC