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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hi {{wavin'!!}}

Okay, so I couldn't think what else to title this post, so ... this is what you get ...

Just wanted to share a bit of fun I've had recently ...

13 Little Knome Hats????

One Little Monster in the Kitchen?????

Nah ...

13 Little Treat Bags for Pre-School Valentine's Party 
 Aren't these fun? Had to bring treats for AbsterGail's party today ... knowing me, I couldn't just put snacks in a sack, now could I?  Well, I quilted some fabric:

Cut said quilted fabric out with rotary cutter and pinking shears (pinked top edge)

Before I turned this piece into a cone, I added a quick decorative stitch along the top, under the pinked edges, in essence to stop the quilting from unraveling after the cutting and then I shaped into cones.  I used my machine's hem stitch to sew the edges together:

I added a 14"  ribbon handle with a decorative button to hide the stitching of the ribbon:

 And, wah-lah ... Valentine Treat Bag:

And oh my goodness, did I ever fill them with goodies ... went over to Bakerellas' website and found this most .... holy cow, oh my goodness, gotta be a kid to eat more than one ... recipe for Cake Balls (recipe here).  Ingredients ... yes, this simple ... Devils Food cake mix (baked, cooled and crumbled), cream cheese frosting (straight outta the can), chocolate chips (melted for dipping).  If you feel the earth quake tonight, it has to be because my chair broke after I ate another ... (no, really, I made the mistake of eating one and wow! can you say "Glass of Milk???")  Yes, that good.  Just Sayin. ;-)

Now, just to let you know I'm staying up to speed with some things, here's my Block 5 for the Block-a-Palooza quilt along: 

Lovin' it!!!  The next block was posted today by the most Awesome Happy Zombie.  I've got the pattern printed and hope to get it sewn tomorrow.

And ....  
please parden the picture, I laid it out on my bedspread, so no, that's not the border!!
This is a quilt I started this past week for a friend of my daughter Emily, who is in kindergarten, actually her friend is the "other" Emily in her class.  Well the "other" Emily is moving away at the end of the month.  I thought it would be fun for her to have a little memory quilt with all of her classmates' signatures.  The pattern is called "A Ritzy Cracker Quilt" by  Mary Lane Brown which I picked up over at ModaBakeShop.  I'm using Sandy Gervais' Giddy line for Moda.  The pattern calls for the quilt to be 44 x 52  inches, if I use all 42 blocks.  However, I'm thinking of using just the 30 blocks you see here.  It is for a very small 6 yr old.  Cop out? ... lol ... nah :-)

Well, thank you for letting me share the cumulation of my week.  Now, get on with you to the really cool blogs out there and I'll catch you again real soon!  Thanks for hangin' with me!!

Love, hugs and Quiltastic day to ya!

P.S.  Lookie, lookie!!  I finally figured out how to get my siggy block to work ... isn't it the most awesomest?!!!?!!  Thank you M.Samm!!!


  1. Those are simply the 'sweetest' little treat bags I have ever seen! What a wonderful idea for the Valentine's goodies! You are so completely clever! Love the idea for the little quilt as a going away gift for Emily's friend. A true treasure that will last forever!

  2. treat bags..way too cool...especially if you like knomes lol....that is a lot of work, those girls will be over the top excited..well any girl at any age would be lol and cake balls....very clever

  3. Those treat bags are adorable!!

    My block 5 turned out too big. I might re-do it, but not until the end of the quilt along and I am sure I have enough fabric, if you know what I mean. =)

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. You've been busy. I love the treat bags! Love your quilt blocks, too.

  5. Those gnome hats with the goodies are TOO cute~ love your blocks too!

  6. Awww! The treat bags are all gorgeous. You absolutely did a great job in making all of them. Your quilt blocks are also pretty. You definitely have a great taste in choosing what fabrics to use. Keep up the good work!

  7. Some lucky little preschoolers.. Very sweet :)

  8. I agree...very lucky preschoolers. What a treat! The block looks great. I just finished a bunch of flying geese too. Love the way they look.