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Friday, February 18, 2011

Hello, hello!!

Nothing like getting in your face and bein' too cheerful, eh?

First things first .... have you seen Sew I Quilt's Madam Samm and AccuQuilt are giving away a Baby Go? ... well they are ... check out the link in the righthand column of my blog if you please :) ... when you're done here ... I gotta keep you captive as long as possible!!

Did you know this was my m'GRug from Madam Samm's contest?
 We were supposed to create a m'GRug that best described ourselves ... well this is what I came up with. I love every color under the rainbow ... and the promise the rainbow represents.  I adore the color pink, in any shade and as I have two daughters, I thought the two colors pink represented them well...the star is also a version of the friendship star for which I strive to be and for which I am grateful, friends.  Notice the heart stitched in the middle? Love my friends!  The third segment is also all about me (heeheehee) I love being out of doors when the sun is out, the sky is blue and the grass is in it's springy crispness...can't you smell it now?  Ahhhhhh......  The two roses, well yeah, you got it ... my two girls again, they are my life.  I couldn't come up with pink roses so used the red ... however, I love planting flowers and my flower color passion is anything that will grow in our short Montana growing season ... any color rose :) Can you believe all of that in one little m'GRug?  (note .... they are called mug rugs, but every time I say that word in my head, I get funny little pictures and wish there was another name.) 

Have you seen Pat Sloan's new Mug Hug?  She made it for Lizzie B Cre8tive's new endeavor ... which is AWEsome by the way .... a brand new E-Zine ... DreamLaughCreate.  Holy buckets ... if you haven't checked out this new FREE online magazine go to it ... wait

Not right this very second!!!  Finish my post, because, well heck, I've been agonizing over this for ... like ... forEVER! ... hahahaha nah, just an eternity and I'd really like to know you were here, so could you kindly leave me a comment just to let me know you stopped by?  Oh and besides, I'm not done posting yet ...

Okay, okay ... Just so you know I haven't just spent the past week blog hopping ... no, seriously! ... I've included a couple of pictures of what I've accomplished this week:

Blockapalooza Blocks 7 &  8 ... Love 'em, even the orange pieces ...
who knew?!?! :)

This is my MBS quilt, Ritzy Crackers, which I made for my daughter's kindergarten friend who is moving away next week.  All of her classmates, and the teachers, signed the quilt and I finished it so it can be presented to her on her last day.  I used Sandy Gervais' Giddy line ... two charm packs, plus some light pink Moda Solids.

My last minute Valentine gifts for my husband and two girls .... what's a mom/wife to do when you don't live close to town and husband could care less about cards?  Raid the stash!  These last longer too!

Quilted this beauty for a friend (Yes, Julie, your second is on the machine now!!)  By special request (mine), please hop on a horse and start galloping before taking too close a look at my quilting ... I'm still a beginner, but I SWEAR I'm trying my best!

Okay, okay ... I know you're chompin' at the bit to get over to that new E-Zine (if you aren't you should be) so I'll help you out by providing the link again ... Dream. Laugh. Create.

Please remember to check back with me in the very near future ... if you notice, I am very close to my 100th post and I believe I will be very "cliche" and have a giveaway.  Like Sweetwater anyone?


  1. LOL! I love the instruction to 'hop on a horse and start galloping' !

    Sounds much more benign than my usual comment about 'the horse you rode in on' ;-)

    LOVE the blockapalooza blocks. SO happy! (and what's wrong with orange???)

  2. Hello to you today! I truly love the mug-rug and all that it represents in your life! The 'horse' quilt that you have done is exceptional! You do beautiful work. You have a very interesting blog and I do enjoy it very much! Hope yours is a very special day!

  3. Love the Ritzy Crackers! I just finished my Geese in a Basket block. It was so much easier than I thought (and I even love the orange). Your blocks look awesome.

  4. Love the mug rugs....and all of your projects!

  5. I love all of the details on your mug rug...how neat. I love the roses, the sun, the rainbow blocks, the friendship star...love it all. And your blocks....I love the fabrics. Fantastic.

  6. OHHH my you have been busy...goodness knows, I had no idea that was your mug rug..but then again there were quite a few...I like yours...you did good...and you did not win...lol...peeps..lol love blocks 7 and 8...sew nice and fresh and bright..like you...the bright part...lol

  7. love sweetwater :) have a grand day

  8. Fun post as always! Love your m'rug and the meaning behind it! What a sweet quilt you made for the little girl moving and your blocks are too cute! How exciting - nearing your 100th post!!

  9. Your mug rug is ama-za-zing!

    I've been out of the reading,posting, commenting loop. I have a good reason. Not sure if I want to reveal it yet...Let's just say, my hubby was very generous to me for Valentine's Day. Think Nolting.

  10. Just found your blog, and I love the mug rug....and the story behind it is so sweet! I love those colors, too, and I absolutely CANNOT wait til the weather improves, and I can practically move outside to do everything!! LOL
    Jacque in SC