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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas Wrap Up & Jan/Feb Goals

So ...I figured before I could set goals for January and February I had to first complete the Christmas presents I wanted to make for some dear friends ... therefore here are some shots of those gifts to wrap up my Christmas items:

Pink Penguin's Reversible Tissue Box Cover which I found on her wonderful blog here

Though these pictures don't do the fabric any justice, I got two mug rugs made with my Sweetwater Label Crew kits ...again, gave them as gifts ... luckily the kit came with enough to make four so there's still a chance I'll make one for me :)  You can find out more info about this kit here.

Oh ... and look what the mail man brought me yesterday ... 

Remember back in November when Quiltmaker's 100 Block Blog Tour was happening? Well, I was so fortunate to have won at The Quilt Nook but Ms. Cara was delayed in getting things mailed out.  Oh darn!  She added in a few things because she was sending this out so late ... big time bonus! 
Thank you Cara!!

And as for this block ... well I had to include it because ...
well, Why Knot? ... lol
I got a telephone call last week from a lady who had joined a quilt sew along of somekind at work ... then she fractured her wrist.  She called a LQS in town who did not return her calls or were too busy to call her back.  Then, she called my favorite LQS who referred her to me.  Of course I'd sew it for her I said!  She was so relieved!  I guess someone in her group had been after her to get it done ... don't know the circumstances, but needless to say ... I learned something new and I got to help a fellow quilter too.  Big time bonus for me!! This was totally out of my realm of patterns, material, what have you ... but by the time I got done, I thought ... huh ... not bad :)  Never know what waits for you around a corner, now do we?

Okay ... on to my quilting goals for January / February:

I'm not one to normally write down goals, but I thought maybe this would help me stay organized and give me some stick-to-it-iveness ...
(Yes I know, that's not a word, so throw the dictionary at me!!)

1.  Construct and quilt client's baby quilt
2.  Construct and quilt client's lone star quilt
3. Construct and quilt client's t-shirt quilt 
4. Construct and quilt Downy's Quilt for Kids quilt
5.  Construct and quilt baby alphabet quilt
6.  Construct and quilt second baby quilt before #5's brother/sister is born.
7. Keep up with postage stamp sew along quilt
8. Start and keep up with Block a Palooza Waiting for Spring quilt
9. Bind my Star BOM quilt
10. Bind my Sunday Squares wallhanging
11. Enjoy doing all of the above
12. Don't feel guilty if I don't complete said goals stated above.


These are obviously dream goals ... maybe that's why I never write them down, I can't keep a straight face when I get down to the end because I know I'll never finish them all ....
Goal for March--leave enough room to carry forward list of uncompleted projects from Jan./Feb.  lol

Thanks for your support friends!  I appreciate all of your wonderful comments and suggestions!!

~hugs~ Wendy


  1. Lovely gifts for friends and the block you did is adorable.

  2. Wow, that's quite the list of goals!

    Congrats on your win and the bonuses too!

    And I'm glad that you could help that dear lady out!

  3. Busy, busy girl! You know they will all get finished....just imagine how life would be with no 'stash' and no plans!! LOL!! Love all of the ones you finished so far...especially the clever horses' head. You did that one? I love the 'paisley-pony'! You are so lucky with your 'wins'!

  4. Alrighty those are a lot of goals...you forgot to add one that you completed...my postcard which is quite nice. Suffice to say your year has certainly began on a very positive note, and there is no doubt in my mind, your stitching goals will be met..

  5. Wow Great gifts!! I love the purple wallet the best!!
    Ok i got exhausted just reading your goals. How do you do it?
    Never mind I don't want to hear the answer it will make me tired and feel guilty.

  6. Very sweet of you to finish the horse block for a stranger. Wow you have some busy plans ahead of you. Have fun.

  7. Thank you Wendy for taking tea with me and leaving the lovely comment at FHC! deeply touched me ~ bless you!
    and now i've found your blog too! yahoo :) too FUN phone booths ~ have been there too :)
    your projects and placemats are fantastic ~ yay to creativity!!...

  8. Oh you crack me up! I do hope that you can enjoy working on those projects - whew - there are lots of them!!! May need some of that time in March (smile)! Your Christmas gifts are so cute - I especially love the Mug Rugs. And, that was SO sweet of you to stitch that block for a fellow quilter - you did a great job!