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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Zipping in for a quick one.

Hi!  Here are my sweet treats of Halloween:

They obviously did not want to wait for mom to take pictures ... there was candy to be had and I was in the way :o).  Still, I think I got the best treat of the night.  Love my girls, if you couldn't tell .... {chuckle}

And, thanks to my friend Lynn and our last sew night for our group, she provided us with materials to zip together these sweet little bags:

However, I was tardy and did not start and/or finish them until today.  Yes, today.  I quilted the pieces, sewed on the zippers and completed these "Sweet Zip" bags today.  15-20 minutes a pieces ... tops.  Way Cool!!  The pattern is called Sweet Zip by Terry Atkinson and she provided it during the Fall into Fall blog hop earlier this fall.  It can still be found on her website, for free!... if I wasn't in a hurry to get this posted and get dinner fed to my little munchins, I would hyper-link it for you.  I will try to come back later and edit this post with all the "click here" details for all you wonderful folks. 

I hear fighting and crying at the dinner table ... gotta go.  God Lord, remind me I said they were sweet!!!!!!

Quiltastic love and hugs to you!!


  1. Sew cute! I love those little bags.

  2. Those two cuties showed up at my door!

    Love your little zips. Confession... mine isn't done yet. it is patiently sitting there waiting to be worked on!

  3. What wonderful little 'Munchkins' you have my little pretty!!!! Yahahahaha!! The small bags are in fact very nicely done! Bet it is a real treat to sit down with you and your sweeties for dinner... by the way, your new background is quite the 'fall' thing! I like it!! Have a wonderful evening!

  4. The costomes (and the girls!) are adorable! And I love your little bags.

  5. The bags are cute but the girls are adorable and their poses are very cute too.....love your blog and your kindness, keep up the good work