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Friday, November 19, 2010

Where to start .... how about LUCKY ME!!

Okay ... first of all, I got another project done:

This mug wrap and mug rug is a birthday gift I made for my dad (put in the mail today!) which I made from Sweetwater's Pure line for Moda.  Love the fabric!!  The labels are also from Sweetwater .... the house pattern is from Sweetwater's Label Crew which provides a monthly project, including labels.  I just skewed the pattern a bit to turn it into a mug rug ... hope they don't mind (sheepish grin).  Did I mention I love Sweetwater? lol  check out their blog here ... Sweetwater.  I just ordered some custom labels for my sewing projects ... ultra-cool and very affordable!!  Check them out, you won't regret it ... an no, they do not sponsor me :)  they probably wish I'd go away some times as I'm probably becoming "stalkerish" in my adoration of them !!!  LOL

Next .... I got the sweetest SURPRISE in yesterday's mailbox:

Dear Ms. Leah, of Quilted Delights, so very graciously surprised me with this B. E. A. UT. IFUL. postcard. Now who wouldn't just do the happy dance when they see this?  Not me!  Hopefully the neighbors weren't watching ;-).   Thank you, thank you Ms. Leah!!!

And .... as if that wasn't enough .... hold on here ....

This beauty was sent to my by my Charming Chatter Secret Santa, Ms. Polly, of Aunt Polly’s Porch blog.  Holy moly ... wasn't ready for that!  Love, love, love it!!!! Ms. Polly even did a really cool tutorial on her blog describing how she did this marvelous piece of art.  If you haven't visited her, you definitely should!  Thank you so very much Aunt Polly!!!

You still with me?  Well, I've been blog hopping as you read in my last post and ....

and , I received this message from Mary Jo Blohm:  

"Congratulations Wendy! You have won a prize in our 1000th fan contest! We chose one additional winner and it was you!! Please contact me with your address info so I can send out your fabric bundle!!"

Isn't this package wonderful!  If you haven't visited The Quilt Bear, I truly recommend a visit.  Very sweet and helpful and enjoyable site!

Okay, okay, yes, but I did say, LUCKY ME!

Thank you for visiting me.  I'm working on my own Charming Chatter Secret Santa gift today.  Hope to finish it this weekend and get it in the mail.  I'm very inspired now that I have my own gift hanging on the wall.  Thank you to every one of you who encourages me.  Thank you to every one of you who supports me.  And most of all, thank you to every one of you out there who shares yourself, shares your experience and shares your humor.  I derive great pleasure just from knowing I'm a part of your blogging community.

Until next time .... quiltastic day to you!!!


  1. WOW! Nothing wrong with lucky!!! lol!

  2. Glad to know that I'm not the only Sweetwater "stalker!" Love what you did with the mug mat.........

  3. Wow! Lucky you is an understatement! You got some fabulous gifts! I love the present from Aunt Polly! That is so cute!

  4. How fun! Love your mug rug set. And I saw Polly working on that~ congrat's on being the lucky recipient! Have a happy weekend!

  5. Congrats to you on all the goodies and on completing your Dad's birthday gift.

  6. I came over here the other day and completely forgot to leave a comment! So...here I am today to say have a wonderful weekend.

  7. WHEW! You got it on time! YAY!! I'm so glad you like it! Have a most wonderful Christmas!! Polly

  8. Love those projects...and love that mini quilt you received from your partner...cute!