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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A little of this and that

Not a whole heckuv'alot has been happening in my sewing room this past week. Well, not much to report anyway. This past weekend, I got to take Bean and Abster to their first "princess" costume birthday party:

Such a sweet bunch of girls! Yes, that is Beanie in the blue and white. No, she is not standing on anything and no, no one else but the four in front are kneeling.  Yes, she has only just turned 6.  Gotta love genitics :-)  The Abster is the one in pink peeking between the girls in the front row.  I tell you, the mother that put together this party truly had her ducks in a row and what fun the girls had!  I can only hope to do nearly half as well when it comes time for our girls to party :o)

Okay, on to the sewing bits:

This and That's Whimsy Wallet pattern by Sherri Falls

I used Whimsical's Pumpkin & Spice and Heart & Soul fabric lines for Red Rooster.

I made this wallet in just one evening as a birthday present for my mom.  The pattern calls for a zipper but my mom wanted a spot for her checkbook so I modified the pattern, just a smidge.

I did get the quilt finished which I had on the longarm last week.  I will get the binding on it and then take some real pictures of it.  Can't wait!  :-)  Think this one's a keeper! ;-)

Secret Santa swap project is underway, graciously hosted by Joan over at Ouvrages Dune Acadienne.  I've been investigating my swap partner's blog for hints on which direction I should take my project ... so far not much, so will probably have to just go with my gut and hope she loves fun and happy.  I'm one of those that loves a little bit of everything.  I've always loved the fun and whimsical, but adore the sweet and precious and the traditional and country styles. I have everything in my stash from pastels, batiks, brights, and country, so I can only suggest to whoever has me, that go with your heart, as I'm super easy to please!  I'm just so happy to be a part of this wonderful group!

So ... I'll check back out of here, keep trying to keep up with some of the blog reading and commenting, and, concentrate on some of the Christmas projects that should be coming along.

 Quiltastic day to ya!

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  1. Love the wallet and the modified version....no zippers are good. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!