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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Little of this and a Little of that ...

So ... while all the giveaways were going on over the past couple of weeks, Charlie from Qubee Quilts was also hosting a giveaway and John from The Quilt Dad kindly donated these jelly rolls as one of the items for giveaway:

Yes :)  I won them :) {chuckle} Oh darn!

 I've been wanting to try this Schnibbles Tuffets pincushion pattern and thought this the perfect opportunity.  Since John was so generous, and seems, from his blog, to be a huge NC Tarheel fan, I chose three strips from the Moda Marbles jelly roll in the Tarheel blues and made this pincushion.  I sent it to John as a thank you for generously donating the jelly rolls.  Love them!

I also found a super cool pattern on the Moda Bakeshop for a child's scarf, called Gypsy Scarf by Joanna Figueroa.  A lot of you will recognize Joanna from Fig Tree Quilts.  Adore her fabric and patterns!

So, with a few more strips from the Moda Marble jelly roll, and some other stash contributions, I made these two scarfs for my daughters.  Minkee on the backs of both of them and I quilted their names on the end of them.  Pictures are the best, but at 12:30 in the morning ... I take what I can get :)

Super easy and worth a looksie if your mornings are like ours these days and are getting 26 degrees while waiting for the school bus and/or the school bell to ring.

Well, back to the sewing machine.  Have a niece's birthday present to make and an attempt at 28 nifty little treat bags from The Happy Zombie.  You can find the pattern free on her website or in the Fall 2010 Quilts and More.  Super cute!!

Til we next blog ... quiltastic day to ya!!


  1. Those are great little projects! Have you also found all the great sewing projects, tutorials and links over at www.WeAllSew.com? It's a great resource for finding little projects just like these!

  2. What a great win and fun scarfs...

  3. Thats a beautiful winning fabric. Those scarfs are so lovely.

  4. That is a lot of bags you are stiving to make! Congrats on your win too!!!