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Thursday, September 23, 2010

How Sweet it is ... Winner, too!!

Today, I took a Quilt in a Day class from Ms. Joyce Anderson and constructed the Autumn Leaf Tablerunner with batiks from my stash pile.  Love it!

This beautiful table runner is what I got accomplished today. Me. Today. .... Wow!! Just typing it makes me happy!!  No whining "Maaawwwwwmmmm".  No scolding "would you PUT that down," "STAY out of that!," "STOP hitting your sister,"  "no, you cannot have that," "OH MY GOSH ... would you knock it OFF!!" (sound familiar?) No getting interrupted a ba-zillion times ... blissful, wonderful, lovely quilting time, chatting with wonderful new friends and well-known companions. ... Sweet!

Okay, back to real life ...   :) 

We have a winner!!!  Youngest little-butt o'mine did the honors ...

The winner of my Thankful Thursday giveaway is Rachel.  Rachel stated:

I love blogs that have a theme (which yours does), but also where the blogger shares a little bit about their lives too.  I am a reality show junkie, so peering into other people's lives, even if just a little, is just so fascinating to me!!  Cheers!

Thank you Rachel, if you would please email me your snail mail address, I will get your Spooktacular package in the mail with all speed at my disposal :).

To everyone else, I thank you sincerely for posting and I am taking to heart each and every one of your blog likes and dislikes to make this a happy place for many as possible, including myself :)

Until the next time, hugs and blessings to all and,

Quiltastic day to ya!


  1. LOL What a name!~ "little-butt of yours" is a cutie! Congrat's to Rachel! Love your table runner~ so glad you had a fun day!

  2. NICE nice table runner, a calm stress free sewing day is really a terrific change, but you wouldn't stay away from that cutie pie very long!!!

  3. Your runner is gorgeous. It is nice to sew without interruption. I don't have any little one and I love no interruptions.

  4. Cute runner! And congrats to the winner! :)

  5. Aren't stress free sewing days just wonderful. I used to value my out of house sewing days when Gem was younger. As the ckids get older it will get calmer, honest
    Love the table runner. Great fabrics

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  6. I know the feeling! Being a mother of six I find very little time to sew in peace. I do go to a quilt retreat twice a year and it is heavenly. The rest of the year I sew when I can and try not to be jealous of my friends that have a new project done every week.
    The table runner is beautiful.

  7. ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME???? WOOO-HOOOO LOL I can't believe I won!!! :) I had to read the post twice just to remember it was me that wrote that! LOL I never win anything, in fact I believe this is my very first blog giveaway win, and the even better thing is that I am so totally obsessed with Halloween it's not even funny. I actually have Halloween decorations up year round, that's how much I love it!!! :) :) Anywho I will stop gushing and send you an email toot-sweet. :) :)

    Thanks so much!!!

  8. Cute table runner, Wendy. I love anything that says "Fall" and the leaves do that for me. Great colors !!!!!

  9. Congratulations to Rachel! I love the table runner!! It's been awhile but I do remember all of the 'little' interuptions from my two girls as they were growing up.

  10. Love the fall colours and your table runner.CONGRATS to Rachel

  11. Oh my goodness... This post really made me "Laugh out loud"! My kids are only 2 years old and 1 month old, and already I feel like that when I try to sew!! "Don't mess with that plug!" "Don't touch that iron!" "Stop pushing the swing!" "Don't you want to just watch cartoons?!" I end up stressing myself out, and feeling bad for being so short with my little one that I end up not even attempting to sew until his naptime (which, of course, is usually when the baby wakes up!)

  12. I have to say that I am truly jealous - your break sounds blissful!... must be time to find a local class/retreat! Thanks for the reminder that such things exist!