Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hi-dee-ho my blogging friends!!

Good morning, good morning!!

When most of you read this, I realize you will be expecting to read the announcement of who won my Thankful Thursday giveaway.  Weeeelllllllll..... at the time of last week's posting, I forgot that I had a class scheduled for today (Sept. 23).  An actual quilting class. My ooops.  However, I didn't want to make any changes and I figured all of you would probably be most understanding :).  Husband's off at work, DD #1 is at school, DD #2 is at sitter's until preschool time, at which time sitter will drive her to said preschool, and husband will pick both girls up at the end of school day, about the same time I finish with class.  How often do the stars align like this, I ask ... NOT that DARN often in my lifetime, I tell ya!!

Needless to say, I will most defnitely come home happy and cheerful from spending the day with like-minded quilty-ladies, with not a grabby-hand nor whiny request (unless it's mine!!) and most joyfully chose a winner amongst my wonderful bloggy friends who commented on my post last Thursday ... my thankful Thursday.

So, until later tonight, I bid you all adieu with my many thanks for understanding!

Much love, many hugs and most importantly,

Quiltastic day!!


  1. You're funny...what a great day ahead, I hope you enjoy it! ;)

  2. I just love it when things work out so perfectly. Have fun at your class.

  3. You're with quilty friends while I was at the Bernina/Quilt Shop as well as the other Quilt Shop in town....No - not me - I NEVER buy anything.....or not....LOL

  4. Hope you had a very enjoyable day! :-) Can't wait to hear about it.