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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ahhh ... accomplishments.

As Sunday evening draws to a close, the girls are in bed, and the Colts are beating the Giants, I sit here satisfied that I actually accomplished something in the quilting room this weekend.  It looked pretty bleak this week until a trip to the doctor scored me some much needed antibiotics and some cough syrup.  Guess I should have gone in earlier...couldn't probably gotten into the sewing room sooner! {chuckle}

Back on the first of September, I was fortunate to win a Soiree Honey Bun from Ann's blog, A Girl in Paradise  .  Well,  this is what I have done with some of it this weekend:

I made these handy little bags using the Snap Happy pattern from Stitchin' Sisters.  Quick, easy and super sweet for gifts.  In fact, since I only used roughly eight strips from this honey bun and got three bags made, I've got lots and lots of honey bun left to make more projects.  What fun!!  These two are off in the mail tomorrow to hopefully share a smile since I was so fortunate. :)

Also accomplished, although not counting as a total finish, I completed the top to my Mocha Swirl quilt. Here's the completed top:

Sun's not shining much here this week, so this was the best picture I could get.  Maybe after I finish the quilting.  At least then I can cross it off my Charming Chatter Girls Club list ... woo hoo, looking forward to that! This quilt was to be a birthday present last weekend, but as noted above, sickness got in the way and it got put aside.  No fair!  Oh well, at least this should be done now and way before Christmas!  Leaves me more room on my Christmas to-do list :)

Well, I need to let all of you fine people go and I thank you for reading my ramblings this far.

May your heart be happy!


  1. The bags are precious, and I LOVE your Mocha Swirl quilt. Thanks for sharing the picture!

  2. Darling snappy bags. I still have yet to see this pattern somewhere but this is the second blog where I've seen someone make them up. Did they go fairly fast for you? Because they're so darn cute.

  3. I was gifted a lil snappy bag and love it! Need to make some myself for gifts.
    Yours are lovely!
    Your Mocha Swirl looks yummy!
    What a wonderful BD gift to receive!
    Feel better soon !

  4. Love your little bags! They're so pretty! Your Mocha Swirl quilt top looks great too! :0)

  5. Your bags are adorable and the quilt is beautiful. Glad to hear that you are feeling better!

  6. Good job, girl! Are these your first Snap happy bags? They're fun, aren't they?

    The batik quilt looks great!

    I'm sick, too! UG!

  7. Glad to hear you're feeling better! What cute bags - and I love the Mocha quilt, too! Nice job Wendy!

  8. I recieved a wonderful surprise in the mail today. Thank you so much, your thoughtfulness it touched my heart.

  9. Your little bags are lovely. I really like the Mocha quilt. Pretty colors in both projects.

  10. What cute bags....makes me want to make them.