Saturday, August 21, 2010

Today . . . Life is Good :)

Today . . . the girls are getting along . . .  well, for the moment anyway :-)  Notice the shorter hair on Emily?  She and I went to town last week for a "just us" day ... hair cut, kindergarten shots, ear piercing and McDonalds on the way home.  I enjoyed it and next year it'll be Abbie's turn.

My house is once again put in order and in the semi-clean state I am used to ...
you know as there will always be dishes to be cleaned, laundry to be washed,
folded and put away, bathrooms to be scrubbed, etc. etc.

Today . . . I finished (finally) my new ironing board cover ...
that's Authentic canvas by Sweetwater for Moda

Today . . . I received my two patterns ordered from the Fat Quarter Shop

The first is Patchwork Ironing Board Covers #921 from Cotton Way by Bonnie Olaveson. 
Who wouldn't enjoy ironing a bit more with a board looking this sweet?!?!! 
The second is State Street Tote by Bari J. Keeping it Real Sewing Patterns
Adorable bag pattern I plan to use as a birthday gift real soon ;-)

I received this Celebrate Spring by Sandy Gervais for Moda bundle
via eBay yesterday.  Awesome deal!! {big grin}

and ....

here's the pattern from Fig Tree Quilts  I plan to use these jelly rolls
(Fig Tree's Whimsy and Momo's Freebird) to make dresses for my
soon-to-be kindergartener.  Emily starts school a week from Monday and
is counting the days ... she can't wait!!!

Finally ...

Did you know Fat Quarter Shop had a sale this week?  Follow their blog... the Jolly Jabber ...
and I believe you may find a discount or two available posted, maybe
even good through this next week? :-)  Worth the read!

So ... now that you've been caught up on my misdeeds fun, maybe I'll have something accomplished with some of this fun by the next time there's a posting.  Though I won't make any promises! :)

Thanks for stopping by and until next time,

Quiltastic day to you!

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  1. What cutie pies the girls are! Love the ironing board cover - and can't wait to see what you make with all of your new goodies!