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Monday, August 30, 2010

My Darling Kindergartener

Oh, we were doing so well .... Emily was so excited last night at bed time.  It took several extra reading books to help get her to sleep.  She, of course, didn't want to get out of bed when the alarm clock "coo-cooed" this morning, until we reminded her it was her first day of school.  Emily was so excited to put on her new dress that our friend Lynn sewed for her to wear today. New shoes, tights, and backback, ready to go.   "Come on, come on, I don't want to be late, let's go ...." So, we get in the car and drive Emily to the school where she will begin her kindergarten year.  Oh .... :) !!!

Mom (myself) walks with Emily to the doors, visiting with other parents and a few children, a couple of which we know.  Emily mentions she's starting to feel a little nervous.  Time comes to walk into her classroom.  We hang up her backpack on the spot marked for her.  Walk around and find her spot at a table.  Lucky, lucky, her friend from Awanas is sitting at the same table. ... nope, still doesn't want to leave mom's side. ... uh oh ... I'm starting to notice something here.  Emily won't leave my side, no matter my prodding.  Okay, lets wander over to the play area ... another "Emily" is playing there.  Can we play too?  .... then it happens, Emily starts crying ... hard ... she doesn't want mom to leave.

But Emily, mommy has to go.  At this point, I'm one of the last parents in the room. (Another child is crying harder with his mother attached.)  I get Emily settled at her table, motion to the teacher and we get her started on a paper/crayon project like all the other children at the table.  With a signal to the very understanding teacher, I walk away with a last kiss on my baby's head.  Good to go.

I bolt past the "Coffee and Kleenix" stand that is set up outside the entrance with all the other parents visiting.  Doing good ... no tears, just a quiver or two.  Get in the car with my 4 year old and husband (who's driving) and we arrive home.  Still doing okay.  Well, a tear has escaped ... followed by another sneaky one.  Husband leaves and I sit down with my 4 year old daughter who, at this point, is sitting in my lap, patting me on my cheek and telling her sobbing mommy that everything is okay.  I agree and tell her the tears will stop soon.  She, Abbie, starts pre-school next week.  Maybe she'll be so thrilled with pre-school she won't miss mom.  .... that's a good thing, right?

Happy day everyone!


  1. Boy, does that bring back memories, Wendy! Weirdly, I cried every year that I actually walked my kids to the school on the first day. By middle school, they wouldn't even let me get out of the car!!! Elaine

  2. Wendy--I almost didn't go to Europe with my husband because I would be gone on my youngest daughter's first day of school. But I went on vacation with my hubby, my daughter went to school with her best friend, and all turned out well. That was 19 years ago. My daughter doesn't remember much (or care), but I still think about my decision to this day. We moms are hard on ourselves.

  3. You are a beautiful Mom...Take it from this Mom...the tears get harder to hide as time goes on! You are loved, your little girls are a wonderful gift from God. You are doing great!!

  4. Oh it will get better...hang in there. My mom taught first grade for 37 years, and it is always a hard time on some children (an mama's). She says they are normally fine the minute you leave, they perk right up. But it is still a miserable feeling, isn't it? Soon she will have a routine down, she will have friends, she will look forward to it. You should read The Kissing Hand to her, that is such a good message about going to school and that your mama is always thinking of the best for you. I always try to keep in mind that teachers do what they do because they LOVE children and that my child is in the very best of hands and that seems to help.

  5. What a cute Kindergartner! You both have taken a big and exciting step in life!

    Remember, we want them to soar, not just stay in the nest!

  6. Oh bless your heart. I felt the tugging in each word I read. My children are in high school, and though the tears do not come, the tugging at my heart does, on that first day of school. The joys of watching our children grow are a little bittersweet at times. :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  7. My youngest daughter cried (screamed, hung on my leg, etc) every year until she was in 3rd grade.
    Magically, she walked into 3rd grade without a peep!! I was relieved as I thought she would cry all the way through HS too!!!