In His grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well... And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.Romans 12:6-8

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life is Good ... and then God Laughed at Me !!!

When I started this post last week, it was beautiful and I admit, I was feeling pretty smug with life. HA!  God reminded me who was in charge in a very, very large way...

  • Laptop's battery finally gave up the very last vaporish ghost and refused to even acknowledge I hit the power button (future reference, remove battery, unplug, replug, and try to turn on again to restart, which I learned many hours and much hair loss later)
  • Desktop computer's screen, which we purchased a "limp-along until we can afford a new one" screen for $15.00 at a yard sale, pulled a "blitz" on me.... laughed in my face and decided it didn't want to work any more.  AUGHHHH!!!! Me without a computer?!?!?!  As my friends could tell you, they don't make a twelve-step program strong enough for my computer addiction! .... what  to do, what to do ....
  • Don't call husband, who doesn't understand why I need said computers for my fix ... (REALLY?!?! we've been married how long?!?!!)  He says, "well ....  " and meanwhile my brain is furiously working thinking, thinking, thinking ... AH HA, we've got an older laptop he has on loan from work for emergency purposes (this, my dear folks, IS an emergency!!!) ... I hang up on husband while he stews over my utter disbelief of his lack of understanding.
  • Get the "emergency" laptop up and running .... aaahhhh I can breath again ....
  • Now that my crisis is over, I learn the above mentioned trick with my poor pathetic non-functioning battery-less laptop.  Yay ... put emergency laptop away for another day (today, more on that later)  I also attempted the pathetic stand-in of a computer monitor on my desk and it decides that yeah, it'll work for now ... though not for long.
  • This is where God steps in with a huge laugh ....  lightening and thunderstorm . . . KILLS MY INTERNET FOR THREE DAYS
  • Did you read that?  THREE DAYS!!!!!  Notice me now bald and what is left is gray (not really, I have a really nice new hair cut and beautiful highlights courteousy of a new hairdresser .... $40!!!) ... okay ...
  • THREE DAYS!!!! no internet except on my itty-bitty, teeny-tiny cell phone.  I don't care how much you laugh.  I needed my fix! :) :)  Yes, I carried that puppy every where.  Couldn't do much with it, but I didn't care, I was CONNECTED.  Felt real again.
  • Well at the end of my interent disconnect, hooked up my newly modified battery-less laptop and .... the power plug decided it was tired of being plugged and unplugged, plugged and unplugged (get the picture?) .... me near tears again ...  okay, monitor on desktop working earlier, I'll check it now.
  • HA HA it says .... I'm on to you ... the desktop knows it's second place in my heart and I only go to it when I can't use laptop or need to do my banking.  Feeling abused, the monitor laughs and ... gives me half a screen.  Yes, that's right, half a screen!  Dirty-word!  I turn it off, talk nicely too it, promise I'll visit more often, upgrade as soon as we can afford to and after a few more attempts, the desktop must have believed me because now I have a full screen on the monitor so am running my checking account program before the monitor goes tits-up and I can't even tell if we can afford another like I promised.
  • Thereby, I am again in "emergency" mode and am using the borrowed laptop and thanking God for my "Good Life" and am grateful for the fact that I'm not still holding a cell phone screen two inches from my face so I can read my emails.
Gotta Love Life!!

Anyway, here is the beginning of the beautiful blog I was gonna share....  as for the rest of it, well, the pictures are on the inexcessible laptop .... you get the "picture"  I promise to share another day :)

 Okay, so I haven't gotten much quilting done ... YET ... but it hasn't been for lack of trying.  This was my set up last week ....

I was truly living the good life, sewing outside while watching the girls in the pool.

Love ya!  Quiltastic day ya all!

P.S.   In all my down time, I did get my Charming Friends quilt completed and am finishing up the binding so I can post pictures of it when totally done.  Yay me!  Gotta look for the positive!!


  1. Gotta love your ingenuity! Good job. a good chuckle from this post..Lots of love to you

  2. I would go crazy without my internet too!!
    I like your outdoor setup, you have a great spot for it.

  3. Stay in Montana- you'll die of shock if you moved to the Washington, D.C. area. Haircut and a foil frosting =$155. I pay $45. for a haircut and blow dry. Sorry to hear the computer god was against you. My husband doesn't understand why I need 2 laptops and a desk top as well. Hope you are enjoying the week.