In His grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well... And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.Romans 12:6-8

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Quilt and the Beast

Here it is!!  My finished Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along which I did over at p.s.iquilt.  I really enjoyed the experience and hope to do this again with such a fun group!

This is my completed Pinwheel Sampler Quilt.  I quilted it myself using a freeform all-over heart stipple for two purposes; quickness and to signify the love I was quilting into this piece.

I quilted in the last border "God Bless you and may these stitches of love bring you warmth."  I couldn't get all of the saying in the picture, but got this portion for you to see.

This is my dear friend and neighbor Carol.
(You may notice my studio/shop in the background behind my house ... trusses are up!)

I labeled this specifically for Carol.

I had posted earlier that I fully intended to keep this quilt for myself as this was my very first quilt along. Well, you will notice in the pictures above my friend and neighbor Carol.  We've lived here a bit over two years and this lovely lady is a true blessing for a neighbor.  She is a true Southern Lady, harking from Georgia, and is such a pleasure to visit with every chance I can.  She and her husband couldn't be any better neighbors if we asked for them.

Last summer, Carol was diagnosed with bladder cancer (the beast).  Long story short, after many surgeries, treatments and chemo, we thought she had beat it.  Well, this last month Carol was given notice that the cancer has returned, in her lyphmnodes.  Six months to a year they told her.  We're praying to God for a miracle.  Carol's 61 years young, the heart of her dear husband, family, and friends;
 all we can do is send our prayers to heaven.

Carol is waiting for a call to go to Houston to a "research" facility.  My family and I are leaving for a trip to the coast in two days.  While I really loved this quilt, I love Carol even more and didn't want to risk missing the opportunity of wrapping her in quilted love before she went to Houston.  Therefore, as I can spend time making another quilt, Carol may not have the time to wait for me to make another.  Fated.

I'm so very happy that I joined this quilt-along to encourage me to quilt "along" with others to reach a very satisfying goal.  In this instance, it satisfied more than one. Thank you Rachel and everyone else that participated.  It means more than any of you will ever know that I finished this in time to gift to my very dear friend and neighbor, Carol.

God bless all and quilt-tastic day to you!!


  1. It is beautiful! So glad it will keep Carol warmth and safe during her doctors' appointments and treatments!

  2. Oh Wendy - it's beautiful! And what a wonderful gift for Carol- that was so very sweet of you!!

  3. I find it interesting how the quilts we make always seem to find the right home..even if they are not the original intended home. Carol will be wrapped with love while she goes though this difficult time. Don't lose hope.
    Have a great trip!

  4. Your quilt turned out lovely and the quilting is wonderful. I know your friend Carol felt blessed and cherished by this gift. We have friends in difficult situations with cancer, and I just know that you have blessed your friend.