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Monday, May 31, 2010

All is quiet ....

All is quiet now in my home.  Well, you can hear a few soft (for now) snores which may either becoming from our chocolate Lab, Bella, or my husband.... :)  Both of my daughters are asleep in their beds and I'm trying to figure out how to get 2 1/2 inch pinwheels made from 2 1/2 inch strips of sashing I changed my mind on using, with as little waste as possible.  hahahahaha!

These tiny pinwheels will go in the sashings of my pinwheel sampler quilt and while yes, I could skip them, I think they would add a nice touch to this quilt.  Though it is 11:00 p.m. and my math abilities (which usually are close to nil) are now asleep.  Maybe I better wait until tomorrow and ask my math teacher friend, Lynn.  She's used to teaching second graders so maybe she could dumb it down a bit for me :)

I did get some other portions of my sashing sewn on today, so all was not a total loss.  Of course, because DH was home today, I got very little actual sewing room time.  I really like it better when he's at work during the day so I can do my own thing ;) along with the laundry, dishes, caring for my daughters... in this I mean breaking up their arguments (MAAWWWMMM she hit me, MAWWWMMMM, she took my toy, MAWWMMMM she's bugging me), feeding them when they are hungry (MAWWWMMM, I want this, no not that, this!!!) and of course holding them when they want it (usually when they don't want a nap but need one :) ....).  Funny how I can find sewing time during all of this, but once the husband is home, nada. Unless you count 11:00 at night when the brain has shut down and darn it all, I'll have to rip that seam out tomorrow because tonight .... well, you get the drift, it looks good now but better put a new blade in the ol' seam ripper in the morning.

Kinda like when you wake up blurry eyed and look in the mirror and think "hey, my hair looks pretty good this morning" then a couple hours later and a trip to the grocery store and the gas station, you get home, look in the mirror and scream like the largest black spider crawled across your face  because you trusted your early morning once-over and didn't redo your hair.  Ever have moments like that?  Me, more often than I care to recall :) 

Okay, now that I've rambled away your time and killed any chance I had of staying up and messing up my sashing and pinwheels, I'll log off and hightail it to bed.  Sleep good all!!  I hope by tomorrow I can post a picture of something I've accomplished on the ol' sewing machine :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why not?

I was asked this evening how I came up with the name for my blog.   Well, in the rush to get this online before the end of the day (deadline for Blogger's Quilt Festival), I didn't take the time to explain a bit about myself and my blogging.  So, here goes ....

I was first introduced to quilting by my very dear friend Vicki.  Now, I've been sewing since my very first Holly Hobby sewing machine was given to me when I was 5 or 6 years of age.  My grandmother used to give me fabric for presents and then I inherited her used Singer.  You know, one of those heavy-duty, nothing ever broke models?? Loved it until the day I could no longer replace parts on it.  Loved my grandmother more, of course.  Back on course ... I always said "I'll quilt someday." Well, someday came when I became pregnant at 36 yrs old and I was sent home on bed rest.  After twenty-some years in the corporate world, what the heck was I gonna do sitting at home all day on bed rest. (Type-A personality here ?!!?!?! :) )  Along comes my friend Vicki.  She quilted for years back east (anything west of the Rockies seems to be 'back east' to my Montana-bearings but Vicki was a legitimate North-Virginian) and Vicki decided she might take on teaching me to quilt.  Upon the death of my dependable, loyal Singer, I got a steal of a deal on a new Bernina Virtuosa on eBay ... heavy duty with lots of stitches I just had to learn how to use (still haven't mastered many of them).  My first quilty-thing was a wall hanging with my first born daughter's name on it.  Loved it.  Ta-DA ... ME Quilter! Ha ha ha.  Vicki graciously humored all of my questions.  When Vicki had to work and I was at home as a new mother, well, couldn't bug her all of the time so became enamoured of the quilting lessons provided via Internet quilting shows.

Fast forward six years and one more daughter.  I attempted to join a guild last year and in doing so, met my friend Lynn.  Now Lynn, being a very well educated (and more than likely under appreciated) teacher, is very encouraging about learning new things and completing projects.  Bless your heart, Lynn, I am extremely grateful for a friend like you!  It was Lynn's idea for me to blog because one of her friends talked her into creating a blog (see Quilting in the Pines listed herein).  I toyed with this idea once I read Amy's Creative Side post re: Blogger's Quilt Festival.  I thought that sound like a lot of fun, however, why would I ever take on blogging?  What could I possibly say in a blog.  ha ha ha ha (I find no shortage of words today, do I? :) )  As the days of the Blogger's Quilt Festival passed, and I read and read and read the oh-so-creative bloggers in our quilting world, the idea of me sharing in this blogging world started to take root. Finally, upon seeing Amy's "final call" post, I thought "Why Not?"  I could do this ... why couldn't I. [big smile]  I may crash and burn, but why not give it a try :)  So, now you know.  Oh, and the "Knot" well that's just a play on words for the ol' quilter in me.

If you've made it this far, thank you.  Quilt-tastic day to you!!


Friday, May 28, 2010

My NEW favorite block ....

Okay, so I was cruising through the blogs a day or two ago, curtousy of Bloggers Quilt Festival and ran across KarrieLyne's Freckled Whimsy blog who had the most awesome pinwheel sampler quilt (more about later) and I fell in love with this certain block.  So, after commenting and emailing this very gracious blogger, Karrie, shared with me the link to the instructions on making this block. I scooted on over to the tutorial from The Sometimes Crafter. You can find it here: http://sometimescrafter.blogspot.com/2009/08/tutorial-paper-piecing-block.html.  Thank you Karrie!!

Anyway, just had to share!  This block will be added to the rest of my pinwheel sampler quilt for a quilt along I joined with Rachel at p.s.i quilt.  So many people have been inspirational to me, that if I even attempt to list every one of them, you all would be asleep before you got half way through this list.  However, just following along with Rachel's blog and quilt along was so much fun!  What a mover!!  So, in this internet-world we live in, Rachel, I thank you!

Back to the sampler.  I'm using Moda's Kashmir IV line by Sentimental Studios. LOVE this fabric!  May not have been the best choice for this quilt along as I've now seen some pretty amazing bright quilts, but I'm keeping this for myself and what better fabric to use but something you love ?!?!!

Hopefully, this sampler will be finished in the next few days and I can get it on my Gammill for quilting.  One can hope :) .... did I mention I have two pre-schoolers ?  Wish me luck!!

Quilt tops in Progress ....

Here are a few of my latest, quilt tops waiting to be quilted and a couple of smaller projects.  (I promise to learn to take better pictures!)

My table runner made with Moda Bake Shop tablerunner recipe "Verna's Cutting Garden",
designed by Julie Geiger, made using Moda's Sandy Gervais' Frolic line.

This is my version of  Moda Bake Shop chef Charlie a.k.a Qubie of Qubee Quilts' Sunday Squares, using Nancy Halvorson's Garden Song line.  Love, love, love this line!

 This has to be one of my favorites....the story behind it being it was my very first BOM (ever) done my very first year of joining a guild (last year) and being told that "you can't make much of a quilt from 12 12-inch blocks."  HA! I used mostly Whimsical's "Catch a Star" line with a few other Whimsical fabrics.  Note:  the bed is king sized.  [huge grin on my face]  I love this quilt and will love it even more once I finish quilting it.

I'll leave all you wonderful quilters alone now and share more later.  If you've made it this far, thanks for visiting!


Amy's Creative Side: Blogger's Quilt Festival - Spring 2010

Amy's Creative Side: Blogger's Quilt Festival - Spring 2010

The Inspired (?) Beginning

I've debated for so long on whether or not to blog.  It took me forever to just figure out what a "blog" was.  Now, since I've discovered blogger Amy from Amy's Creative Side and her fantastic Bloggers Quilt Festival, I was inspired to start.  I apologize upfront to all of the real bloggers and the wonderfully creative people that actually know what they are doing, but I had to start somewhere :)

So, for the Bloggers Quilt Festival, I am going to post a picture of the last completed quilt I have.  I, of course, as any commited quilter would, have many, many works in progress.  I refuse to call them UFO's, as I am working on them, its just anyone's best guess when I'll finish them.   This is a quilt I made for my brother in law for Christmas last year.  My husband asked that it had something to do with "fish."  I think I filled his request. 

So, if your willing, please bear with me and I will do my best to not embarrass anyone but myself in this endeavor. 

Best wishes for a "quilt-tastic" day!